How to Edit the Content of PDF Files


PDF files are quite neat and easy to read, but most users have no idea how to edit them or how to get information from them. In the end, this is a format that is meant to be viewed, not edited by the general consumer. Still, it’s very likely that you would need to make changes to one of those or to get a version of them in a format that you could edit. Luckily there is a free service called which will help you get what you need done easily and reliably.

How It Works

All you need to do is visit and choose one of the two options available. You could have your PDF file converted to a Word file right there one from the website’s interface in two simple steps conveniently outlined there. First, you select the file you need to convert from your hard drive. After you give it a second to get uploaded and converted you would be able to either download it directly or enter your email address, so the website can email you with your file. In other words, the process is as simple and convenient as can be.

The second thing you could do is download a free piece of software that would allow you to do the conversions on your Windows computer without having to even visit the website reducing the clicks you would need to achieve the conversion task to one. Just follow the download link and instructions and you will have your powerful file conversion software set up in minutes.

But How Do I Edit a PDF File?

Obviously, what’s outlined above is a process that would allow you to convert a PDF file to a Word file, but this doesn’t really qualify as editing it. But it actually does, keeping in mind an additional trick that you can easily put into practice. After you get your Word file, you would be able to edit it as any other file of that sort. You can make any change you need to be it a significant or minute one. You can edit everything you want, expand the content, change the images, or alter and shorten the text. Basically you have absolute freedom to do anything you want with the Word file as long as you have MS Office installed.

After that you can take advantage of another great function that offers – converting Word files to PDF files. You can either follow the site’s menu that would take you to whatever conversion tool you need and you can do turn the edited document back to a read-only PDF file. And if you have chosen to download the desktop software offered, you would be able to do the conversion with it as well. In addition to being able to convert PDF and Word files back and forward, you would be able to turn all kinds of other files to PDF like Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and all popular and not so popular image formats.