How to Effectively Design Your Restaurant Layout


Before buying restaurant furniture, floor plan and layout needs careful consideration. The design concept for the interior is equally important.

Designing the interior of a restaurant requires careful planning especially when it comes to seating. Not only does it impact the experience of diners, but it also affects how efficient the restaurant operates. If restaurant seating is planned poorly, it may result in congestion from patrons and traffic confusion from the wait staff. The layout of the restaurant should take into account how well the foot traffic will flow once the operation is already in full swing.

Before you start scouting restaurant furniture you must first consider asking yourself some of these critical questions to determine the proper layout of the dining area and what kind of furniture to buy.

What do you like on a visual standpoint?

You need to start conceptualising the overall aesthetic for your establishment. The look of the restaurant often dictates the type of furniture to buy and also makes it easier to find other complimenting furnishings. For example, are you interested in a modern dining area, or do you prefer a more rustic approach? Indeed, your aesthetic choice should also match the dining style, whether it is for casual or formal dining.

Is there going to be bar seating?

If you are planning to have a bar inside the restaurant, you should maximise bar space as much as possible. Bar seats help with congestion during peak dining hours. In addition to regular bar stools, you can also add seating around the bar. Extra bar seating will encourage small groups of diners to have drinks and chat while they wait for a table to free up.

Do you plan on adding a waiting area?

When diners are waiting for their turn to sit on tables, it can cause congestion and disrupt foot traffic especially when wait staff are busy taking and fulfilling orders. If there is enough space, you can consider having a small waiting area by the door of the restaurant. A waiting area is a good idea because it also helps in encouraging customers to stay while waiting for seats to become available.

Is the restaurant going to be family friendly or handicap-friendly?

Certainly, every restaurant should allow enough space to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs. In some instances, a handicap-access is a regulatory requirement. A restaurant that is more inclusive and family friendly gets more business as well. But, before you start looking for restaurant booths for sale, the ideal seating for family restaurants you will also want to consider the dining experience you are going for. Perhaps for casual restaurants, accommodating families with kids is a must, but may not be a suitable option for formal dining venues.

Are you going to offer outdoor seats?

Having outdoor seats is another way you can boost business during summer or when the weather is warm. You will need to make sure that you have the permission to use the area outside the restaurant as well as invest in furniture that will be sturdy enough for outdoor use.

In conclusion, an effective restaurant layout is a combination of your aesthetic vision, the needs of your customers, as well as the dining experience you want to offer.