A brand’s image is quite an interesting thing to consider. After all, it’s not all visual. Our reputation also contributes to our image. It might be that our the way we treat staff has caused our other-wise family-friendly reputation to suffer. For instance, look at one of the most impressive family brands on the planet. This brand owns theme parks, many amazing movie production studios, and has quite the pedigree in Hollywood. However, the means by which they are aggressively protective of their licenses and how poorly they have treated staff in the past leads to a tainting of that image for the worse.


So – how can you elevate your brand image if you find yourself in a tough position like this? Furthermore, what if you’re not entirely sure how to get your brand seen, as attracting possible eyeballs is hard in 2020, where everything is online and attention spans seem shorter than ever. With the following advice, we’ll help you with this aim:


Use A Real Designer


It’s essential that you use a real designer to help your marketing and branding shine. Taking the time to hire a freelance designer can help you not only buttress your team with an outsourced professional, but you get that essential impartial eye necessary to move forward and develop the best result. You can be sure that good design is more than just ‘nice aesthetics,’ it involves how readable, approachable, engaging, interesting and ultimately effective your branding – in whatever form it takes – will be.


Opt For A PR Strategy


Opt for a PR strategy that works for you. For instance, think of how Dominoes, in the mid-2000s, opted for a rejuvenation campaign that aimed to replenish their corporate image. They admitted that their standards weren’t up to scratch, and invested millions in a top-to-bottom rebrand with intensive television spots detailing just what improvements they had made, and why you should check them out anew. Opting for a PR strategy like this can help you settle old disputes, adopt a new persona, and generally become more transparent in your messaging. Of course, sometimes simply hiring a good PR manager can help you establish your brand more directly in certain communities. Whatever approach you take – make sure it’s the right one.


Relaunch Opportunities


Relaunching your brand can seem like quite an intensive effort, but sometimes, it’s worth doing. Switching up your brand name, logo and website can seem like quite a pivot, but it can actually be quite a refreshing place to begin if launching a new service or brand, and if wishing to start anew with a reputation you can build – without forgoing your current infrastructure. Relaunches should be design to appeal to both existing and new customers. You must be transparent about the rebrand, not use it to hide your past. If you can effectively pull this off, then your brand image can feel refreshed, more suitable to your future rather than your past.


With this advice, we hope you can begin to elevate your brand image for the better.