How to Find and Hire the Best Job Candidates for Your Business


No matter what position you are trying to fill, there are a lot of excellent candidates out there – the key is knowing how to recruit them.

The competition for the top candidates in any field is extremely fierce. Recruiting the best talent requires a solid, well-planned strategy. Today’s most successful recruiters are the ones who take the time to clearly outline a recruitment strategy that allows them to connect with the most promising potential employees. Irene McConnell from Arielle Executive shares her expertise.

If you are ready to start building a strong pool of talent and finding excellent candidates, the six suggestions below should help:

  1. Write the description of the position carefully, including the specific responsibilities and skills required.

When putting together a job description, it is important to not only identify the responsibilities of the role but also the personal attributes of someone who would be a good fit for the position.

Compose a list of the primary duties associated with the role and the traits that the ideal candidate would have. You can use this list to find resumes that are a good match. You can also refer to it when screening candidates by phone and when putting together questions for interviews.

Following this simple tactic will make it easier for you to identify the key traits that the perfect person for the position would have.

  1. Make It Easy for Current Employees to Refer Potential Candidates

People who already work for your company may know someone who is qualified to fill a specific role, either through their business associates or their personal network.

The Internet has made it much easier for people to network with others, both through social media and through business networking sites. As a result, your employees probably have connections with a significant number of candidates who could be a good fit for your company. They may be able to help you reach these candidates through sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Consider rewarding employees for referrals – especially if you are struggling to fill a particular position. For instance, some businesses offer employees bonuses in cash in exchange for successful referrals. Let all of your employees know about any openings in case they know someone who is a good fit.

  1. Develop Relationships with Others in Your Industry

It can feel a little bit like conferences and other networking events are a waste of time and money. As it turns out, however, the relationships that you build during these events can benefit your company in numerous ways. Most notably, strong industry relationships can make it easier to find and hire good candidates.

Spending time manning a booth at a tradeshow gives you a chance to meet people who could be a good fit for job openings at your business while at the same time allowing you to interact with customers. Any employees who work at events like these should do their best to collect business cards from people who drop by who might be good candidates for employment.

After the event, work on maintaining relationships with the people that you met by reaching out to them on a periodic basis. If you have an opening that you think might interest them, you can either send it to them via email, by regular mail, or by fax.

  1. Use Your Website to Your Advantage

Your company’s site is the perfect place to talk about your mission, your company’s culture, and what you are trying to achieve. Adding an employment section to your site is a good way to bring attention to any openings that you currently have. It also simplifies the process of turning in applications for people who are interested in applying.

Encourage people who want to work for your company to sign up for your newsletter and to start following you on social media.

  1. Polish Your Brand

Have you ever wondered why popular companies like Apple or Google are constantly inundated with applications? It is because they have taken the time to build powerful brands that people want to become a part of. If you want to start attracting the best employees, you need to develop a high-quality reputation in your field.

View your company from the perspective of someone who is interested in working there. Does your company offer stability? Is it expanding? Do you treat your employees well? Does your mission statement inspire people to want to help you achieve your vision?

You can start polishing your brand by addressing any concerns that potential employees may have through a public relations campaign.

  1. Post Ads Where the Best Candidates Will See Them

Where you advertise job, openings is almost as important as the content of the ad itself. After writing your job description, post the opening on job boards that cater to your specific industry. If there are any professional organizations associated with your field, you should also consider adding the job listing to those sites. This is the best way to connect with candidates who have the skills that you need.

For instance, if a particular role at your company focuses on humanitarian duties, advertising the position on sites like UNJobs or ReliefWeb will connect you with the best potential candidates. While most of these sites allow you to post for free, you can also pay to increase visibility for your listing.

Try searching for professional groups on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well. These groups are usually a good place to post job ads.

Finding the best talent takes work. In the end, however, hiring the right employees can make a big difference in the overall success of your company.