How to find the best car warranty company in the UK for your needs

How to find the best car warranty company in the UK for your needs

Enhancing your knowledge base about car warranty companies is the only way to find the best one that suits your needs. It can begin by talking to friends, neighbours and acquaintances to create a primary data base of car warranty companies.

This process is very helpful because you will come to know about real life experiences that you can trust. Researching on the internet will help to make the list longer. Once the list is prepared, you can delve deep into each company to know in more detail about the different kinds of warranties that are offered. Warranties are accompanied by terms and conditions which underline its effectiveness in terms of the money that you pay and the coverage that you obtain.

This is the reason why it is important to read the fine print of the offers before you decide in selecting the car warranty company.

The need for car warranty

New cars are accompanied by the manufacturer’s warranty so that if anything goes wrong during the warranty period, it will be set right by the manufacturer free of cost.

This is a great attraction for new cars. Although warranties are accompanied by terms and conditions, it weighs in favour of car owners with some exceptions. However, as it is a part of the purchase deal, you cannot be the chooser, but accept whatever is on offer.

After the expiry of the mandatory 12-month warranty you can get it extended further for a year or two by paying extra. If you are not happy with terms and conditions of the manufacturer, you have to look elsewhere for a new car warranty company.

Money saving option

This takes us back to the process that has been described in the opening paragraph of this article. Going by the driving trends in the UK, a car covers about 8,000 miles in a year on an average.

Since the manufacturers’ warranties are valid for three years at the most, you have to look for alternatives from the day your car reaches its fourth anniversary of ownership. But one thing is for sure, you cannot do without car warranty as it can save you a few thousand pounds, if chosen correctly.

Evaluate with insight

Selection of a car is accompanied by brand loyalty that develops with time an experience. Similarly, selection of a car warranty company would depend on its reputation in looking after customer’s interest and how smoothly the process of repairs and reimbursement are handled.

Reviews and customer feedback on the internet can be used as indicators to judge the operational efficiency of car warranty companies. In addition, the price structure and the benefits that are offered are major considerations during selection.

Instead of going by the word of mouth, evaluate documents to understand the worth of the offer. Especially pay attention to the exceptions as this can adversely affect your interest. Know about the methods of getting repairs done, and how payments will be made before you decide which way to go.