How to Focus on Writing with Ulysses App


The professional audience of the Ulysses application are writers, scriptwriters, poets, editors and other people working with the text on a professional level.

A convenient system for organizing and storing documents, an excellent and attractive interface, rich typography and support of themes are just a small part of the capabilities of this product. The text editor will not be able to eliminate the mess in your head (if any) and will not help to write a good story, the text editor will help to focus on the text and not to be distracted from the process. Let’s try to understand the popularity of this text editor.

The text is always at hand. Convenient synchronization

Ulysses is presented for two platforms – OS X and iOS. Both versions are designed very qualitatively, interaction with the user is thought through thoroughly. Easy navigation in the application and the organization of document storage will pleasantly surprise you. The editor supports Handoff – continuous work between iOS and OS X. Start work on one device, and continue on the other from the place you stopped at. All articles are available on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can easily create an interesting article or review it in any conditions.

Ulysses app allows you to organize a project or structure ideas in one place – a single library. It is possible to add the section iCloud, folders from the computer or external directories to the minimalistic side panel. For synchronization and file exchange iCloud is used. OS X version of Ulysses supports External Folders – you can add a folder from “Dropbox” or Google Drive if iCloud is not suitable. But external folders are directories of cloud storage. If Dropbox or Google Drive is installed, you can select a folder that will be synchronized with another computer.

The comfortable working process of texts creating

In the Ulysses library, you can quickly switch between text files, split the work into separate chapters or scenes. The editor supports logical groups and subgroups. But that’s not all. In addition to the groups in Ulysses there is a real find – flexible filters (smart lists), which allow you to find the necessary notes very quickly. The filter can be customized for the text of articles, keywords, the date of creation and the date of the change.

For each group or filter, you can select an icon. Each article or note in Ulysses can be assigned keywords, a description, or a goal – to set the number of words. Group work with articles is perfectly implemented on both platforms. You can select more than one note, move to other folders, merge, export and assign keywords. Hard-core writers have quite a few groups and subgroups. To convenient work on current documents, there are a function Favorites – you can mark individual notes from different projects.

Don’t be afraid to play with text

A beautiful interface, side panels, and toolbars are not supposed to distract, but to help. The text editor in Ulysses works incredibly fast and smoothly. Concentrate only on the text by clicking on “Editor only” mode. The editor supports many combinations of hotkeys, so the use of a mouse or a touchpad can be minimized. For iPhone and iPad, the editor supports exterior keyboards. A text document written with using of the markup language contains not only the text itself (as a sequence of words and punctuation marks) but also additional information about its various sections – for example, an indication of headings, selection, lists, etc.

Be inspired by the beautiful design

There are two interface designs, that are available in Ulysses: white and dark. Switching between topics is immediate and it will not be difficult to do this regularly, regardless of the time of day. A beautiful interface does not help (most likely) to create a new masterpiece, but it will make this process a little bit more comfortable and convenient. You can choose from the document one of the ready-made styles that match any taste. The eye-pleasing themes are presented on the site, you can apply it for both iOS and OS X versions of the editor. Main layout, images, links, notes, and comments – you can assign a favorite color to any text element. Continuing the conversation about the design, it is worth noting a wide selection of fonts with different styles and design. The text will look great on any device.

Editor Ulysses will make a strong impression both on professionals and novice authors.