How to Get A Curvy Backside With The Help of Modern Aesthetics


It’s all around social media and pop culture. From Kim Kardashian and other celebrities to many social media influencers, everyone is showing off their big butts in bikinis, jeans and dresses. Here’s how you can get a bigger butt.

It is possible to have a beautiful bodacious backside if you take all the right steps to get there. There are many ways you can grow your backside. From doing exercises at the gym to target your glutes to non-surgical treatments that add volume to your hips and buttocks like Sculptra injections and Brazilian Butt Lifts. Skinly Aesthetics plastic surgery is one of the few places known to achieve reproducible and consistent results with this highly advanced body enhancing procedure. Depending on your goals and your willingness to do minimally or more invasive procedures, you are left with several options to get that beach bum you’ve always wanted. Sculptra butt lift is a minimally invasive method for butt enhancement . It has a short recovery time and produces long-lasting results. Sculptra’s more invasive counter treatment is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is an option that can deliver more dramatic and quicker results, but will require more downtime, more risks and side effects, as well as the dreaded surgical procedure. This procedure is popular among celebrities and influential people. Aside from these treatments, there are a ton of options to help you grow your backside. Keep reading here to explore all the things that your favorite celebs are doing to get those beautiful booties.


Your best friend is still working out

We all know that exercising and building muscle mass can help you grow specific areas of your body. Celebrity trainers use specific methods to train the glutes, without adding too much muscle to the legs. This is if you want to maintain a slim figure and increase your back projection. These types of exercises are likely to be the focus of Kim Kardashian’s trainer. She may also offer additional support to improve her backside. Deadlifts, lunges and bridges are all great exercises for achieving this look. They target your posterior chain, which is the muscular structure that makes up your backside. Deadlifting is a compound exercise. This means that it can be a great workout for your entire body, targeting your glutes, hamstrings, and even your core.

You can get similar results to a traditional workout with some modern tools, such as CoolTone. CoolTone is a treatment that uses modern technology and magnetic muscle stimulation to contract your muscles for you. CoolTone allows you to get a real workout without the need to do any work. The tool uses electromagnetic technology to send pulses through your muscles to contract them. This gives you the feeling of a real workout. The recommended number of sessions should be between 4-6 and spread over the course of 2 – 3 days.


To give you that extra edge, injectable fillers are available.

Although working out is great for adding muscle definition and giving your butt a lift, it is not the only reason why medical spas and plastic surgeons are expanding. Injectable buttlifts are becoming more popular among doctors, celebrities and anyone looking for a larger butt. Sculptra, an injectable solution that is made up of water and poly-l-lactic acids, stimulates your own collagen production. The collagen wraps around particles that would normally be broken down in your body, which prevents them from being broken down and instead, causes them to continue to grow and add up, increasing the size of the treatment area over time. The treatment area will expand over the next 2 to 3 months. This will give you a lot more volume and a rounder and larger backside. Sculptra can be injected into specific areas, such as the hips. This is to fill in any hip dips that are very difficult to address and fill in with exercise. It is very minimally invasive and requires almost no downtime. Aftercare involves a five-day period of five daily massages. You can expect to see a larger booty in a matter of two to three months if you use the correct amount of sculptra. The results will last for up to four years. If you are interested in learning more about the Sculptra butt lift, you can explore all the ins and outs involved in the treatment by reading more here.


Surgery for the fastest results

The Brazilian butt lift is an incredibly popular treatment that is in direct competition with Sculptra. Although it requires surgical intervention, it does not require an implant. This may be a better option for some people (especially if they are trying to lose fat). People who desire to increase the volume of their butts, but want to lose weight around their waist, arms, and legs, can opt for the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This involves removing fat from one area of the body, usually the abdomen or arms, which is then injected into the buttock. Brazilian Butt Lifts are however more invasive than Sculptra, as they require surgical intervention to remove fat from other parts of the body. You will need extra fat to be eligible for the procedure. Although the results are instant, you may need to rest for up to four weeks before you can fully recover.

The famous butt implant is the final butt enhancement. The butt implant is typically made of silicone implants and are surgically placed in the buttocks below the muscle. Because they are a forein object to the body, the risk of infection is higher than the above mentioned treatments. The recovery time is typically up to a month and the results can last for a long time.

The final decision about which procedure is best for you will depend on your willingness to go the extra mile as well as the type of results you want. These are the most well-known treatments and have been used by celebrities and influential people for the past ten years. The use of medical technology has made it possible to create larger backsides using less invasive methods.