How to Get More Traffic to your Website


Developing a great website doesn’t guarantee you success. Even if your competitors have a hideous, poorly functioning website with very little content, if it’s getting more traffic then it’s performing better than yours. Once you’ve completed your website it’s time for the hardest challenge, attracting people to use it. There is no exact science to making a website that people want to view regularly. Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can help increase your chances of getting high numbers of visitors on a regular basis. Here are some of the best techniques to use to get more traffic to your website.

Get yourself on a review or comparison website

Some people might think the best way to advertise online is to buy advertising space on someone else’s website. This could be at the top of the page, at the side of the page, or even in the middle of an article or in the form of a pop-up banner. There are even some adverts that make you interact with them before you can continue reading the rest of the page. Whilst these might catch the eye of a user for a few seconds, there are better ways of grabbing their attention for longer.

If you get yourself on a review or comparison website, you’ll find users pay a lot more attention to the features you offer. For example, the Odds Shark College Football Odds website compares different odds from different bookmakers. By looking at these websites, the user not only knows what the business is offering, but can tell how good a deal it is in comparison to other websites. If you’re looking for the best deal, websites like these will give you a far better idea than any other style of website. For example, if one website is offering fractional odds of 2/1 on the outcome of a game, and another website is offering 4/1, you could literally double your winnings by choosing the latter.

Post on social media

Whilst users might not necessarily be visiting your website regularly, they’ll probably be logging on and checking their social media regularly. No matter what age you are, it seems that almost everyone these days has a Facebook account. By posting eye-catching images of your brand on social media regularly, you’re reminding people that your website exists. If your photo or caption has just enough information to entice them to read more on your website, then they’re highly likely to visit. Make certain that you leave a direct link to the relevant page on any post.

Get into their inbox

Once you’ve got people interested in your website, encourage them to subscribe to an email newsletter. This newsletter should highlight the best content of the week, with images from the best articles to make it stand out from the rest. Make sure you update your subscribers regularly, but not too regularly to make them want to unsubscribe. Just like any social media posts, these should include direct links to the relevant page on your website.