How to Get Quick Loans in UK?


Getting money quickly is not an easy thing to do. Even if you have saved some money, emergencies are unexpected and you might need to get some cash fast. In such a situation, loans are an alternative that can be very helpful.

In this article we will show you how to apply for instant loans that can get you £500 to £25,000 with Personal Loans Now. This method is one of the most accessible ways of receiving a credit in UK, it and Personal Loans Now accepts bad credit scores as well.

It is hard to come across instant loans in UK

If you live in there you probably already know how hard it is to get an instant loan UK. There are FCA regulations that make it more difficult for lenders to offer a loan right away, since they have to check the background of the borrower.

That is why Personal Loans Now is like a breath of fresh air. Not only that you will be able to get the loan much faster than with any other lender, but in fact the entire process will only take about 90 seconds, which can be considered a record.

Types of loans

With Personal Loans Now, the sum of money you can get varies depending on the type of loan that you choose. There are three types of loans:

  • Instant personal loans – these loans do not have to be paid back right away and they also come with instant approval. With Instant personal loans you can get up to £10,000 or £20,000. You will also have plenty of type to pay it back. These types of loans are usually paid back in 10, 20 or even 30 years, which should be enough time for you to get that sum of money.
  • Instant payday loans – these are smaller loans that need to be paid back quickly. Usually you will need to pay the sum back in 30 days. Usually the sum of money that you can get with these loans is smaller, around £1,000. You will receive the money almost instantly, which makes instant payday loans perfect for emergencies when you need to get the money quickly.
  • Instant loans from Personal Loans Now – Personal Loans Now also comes with a different kind of loan since they have access to a broad range of FCA authorised instant loan lenders. These loans vary, from £500 to £25,000. You can pay these sums back in 1 month or more than 10 years, depending on the sum of money.

Bad credit

Many persons are unable to take a loan because of their bad credit. Luckily, Personal Loans Now doesn’t take into account that. Since it easy to get a bad credit, there are many people who are in these situation. Luckily there are plenty of lenders who are willing to help even in this case.

Nevertheless, if you have a bad credit it is better to think twice before getting a loan. Make sure that you will be able to pay it back so that you won’t damage your credit even more.