How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon


Amazon didn’t become the top online retailer by accident, it’s full of great items at smart prices. That’s why if you can get a deal on those prices you’ll really save big. Here are some helpful tips that show you the different ways to take full advantage of shopping at Amazon.

Smaller Deals on Everyday Items

Rather than try to go for a big deal that saves you hundreds of dollars at once, you should think long-term, and try to get smaller deals on things you use every day. Over time that adds up to hundreds of dollars and will make a big difference on a year-by-year difference.

Doing a comparison of Amazon items and in-store items shows that Amazon is cheaper across the board, plus you have the added bonus of being able to see hundreds or even thousands of reviews. Waiting two days for your things to arrive is an easy trade-off.

Amazon Coupons

An Amazon coupon can save you big time because you’re getting the discount on prices that are already lower than what you’d find in stores. There are coupons that will take a percentage off your entire cart, or a flat dollar amount, and others that only apply to a specific product or category.

Check In Daily

Amazon offers daily deals, and it’s hard to predict what will be the next thing to go on sale. That’s why you should get into the habit of checking in everyday to see what’s available.

Gold Box Deals – The concept here is that you’ve discovered a chest full of gold with handpicked deals that should be right in line with what you like to buy. It’s fun to see what they come up with each day, as it’s always something new.

Lightning Deals – These go fast! As the name implies lightning deals are short-lived savings placed on particular items that are gone in a flash. It can be tricky finding items that you want to buy, but when it lines up it’s a fun purchase and usually comes with big savings.

Get Familiar With Amazon Outlets

Shopping through Amazon Outlets can spell a great deal because you’re getting items that they either made too many of, or otherwise couldn’t sell at regular price. They discount the items and you get a brand new items at a greatly reduced rate. Maybe not everything on there is exactly what you were looking for, but if you browse what’s available you can generally find something that will come in handy.

Scan for Warehouse Deals

Warehouse purchases can save you a great deal when compared to buying brand new. When you shop through Amazon outlets you don’t have to worry about a shady salesperson trying to offload a piece of junk. You’re protected by Amazon’s quality guarantee, and the sellers and products are vetted with a star rating that gives you a pretty good idea of their reputation.

If you get into the habit of checking out Amazon each day to see what’s available at lowered prices you’re bound to find a great deal each week.