How To Get The Interest Of A CEO Headhunter


Many professionals reach a point where the most likely source of alternative job options will be a headhunter. If your next job is in the hands of a search firm, you need to know how to stand out and catch their attention.


Boost Your Visibility


One of the best and more effective ways of being recognized and identified as talent by headhunters is to actively participate in dialogue in your industry or field. You should look at talking at conferences or other industry events. Having articles published or quoted in articles related to your industry will also help you increase your visibility.


Be Recognized For Your Success


It may seem obvious, but the more successful you are, the more likely it will be to that search firms approach you. When you stand out in a good way, you will be easier for headhunters to find. However, viewing yourself as successful will not be enough.


This is all about what other people think of you. Your former colleagues, your current colleagues, and your competition will need to be taken into account. You have to consider if there are people out there who will suggest your name if asked for an opinion and will recommend you.


Be Recognized As An Expert


While a crucial element in the recruitment process is the cultural fit between a potential employer and an employee, most headhunters will look for people who have specific experience and skills. When asked, Arielle Executive, formerly known as Arielle Careers mention that if you are known as an expert or specialist in your field, you will have a greater chance of being contacted.


Consistently Network


There are a lot of people who talk about networking, but there are fewer who actually do this. You need to take the time to network effectively in your industry and with your peer group as this is a good way of increasing your visibility. You should also make an effort to stay in touch with well-connected and talented colleagues as well as reach out to other people you know that are figureheads in your job marketplace.


Invest In Your Network For The Long-Term


To be successful in networking, you have to invest in your professional relationship over the long-term and be consistent in this. This kind of behavior will be more genuine and more likely to result in rewards. When you are suddenly and enthusiastically networking, you will generally not get the results that you want.


Look At Social Media


The executive search process has been changed with the advent of LinkedIn, search engines and other social media platforms. While the traditional black book approach to recruiting is still valid, many headhunters are using the online tools at their disposal to help them create a long-list. This is one of the reasons why you should look at building a compelling social media profile.


While looking at this, you should also ensure that any articles, PR or industry comments you have made are visible online. Over-exposure is not what you are looking for, but a visible online presence will lead to more headhunters contacting you.


Executive Search Versus Executive Recruitment


Executive recruitment consultants are the people who helped you early in your career and will generally work with high-volume roles. They will rely on a database of customers, networking to fill jobs and advertising. This is the easiest recruiter to contact and engage with as they will be trying to build a large and varied pool of talent. They will generally be happy to have you as part of their database until they can contact you with something suitable.


Do Not Call Us, We Will Call You


A genuine executive search intends to find the best possible candidates for a specific job and then persuade the individuals to consider the role. It is normally irrelevant as to whether or not the person is actively looking for a job. The norm is that the researcher or consultant will contact you and this is one of the reasons why you might find it difficult to get in touch with them first.


Most of the executive search professionals out there will be specialists and if you are highly relevant to their needs, they will generally be happy to meet or talk with you. However, if you are not directly relevant to them or they do not have the suitable mandate, you will find that they will politely tell you that they are struggling to meet with you.


Use A Search Firm For Your Own Recruitment


One of the easiest ways to develop a relationship with an executive search firm is to use them to recruit for you. Professional relationships which are very strong will usually be those that are beneficial for both parties. If you find a search firm for your own career development, you should look at using them when you hire. They are going to take your call at these times. If you are known to the firm, they will often contact you on a future search.


It is important to note that off limits protocols and conflicts of interest are taken very seriously by professional headhunters and this will limit some of the effectiveness of this approach. However, if you are keen on investing in long-term relationships, this can be a very successful approach.


Are You A Client Or A Candidate


For most people, they will be both, but generally not at the same time. Executive search consultants will often end up recruiting people they met as clients and work for clients they met when placing them. It is worth keeping in mind that a talented recruiter may be able to help your career as well as find the talent you need for your organization.


If you have not taken a call from a recruiter in the past because you thought they were looking for work, they may not take your call when you are looking for work. The same is also true in reverse, so the best advice is to take the time to communicate with each other.