How to Grow Your Online Audience Properly According to Experts


Today, almost 4.54 billion people were found active on the internet, which is more than half of the globe’s population. Therefore, building up your online audience is key to improving your success. However, seeing as each online persona is different, your approach will depend on several factors. It is important to understand each of these approaches properly since you will be competing with other brands. Here is what you need to know.


Before you start growing your online audience, you will first need to understand what affects them. Here are some things that can influence the type of audience you engage in.


The type of audience will be influenced by your efforts. Engaging your audience will need effort, and that is perhaps the key ingredient to your success. You will attract different audiences depending on your strategy, marketing plan and engagement. 


Seeing as technology constantly evolves, and at a quick pace, missing out can cost you. You will need to capitalize on the newest apps and software so that you do not get left behind by your competition.


Trends are very volatile and can change overnight. What is popular today may not be so popular tomorrow. Including trends in your plans, as to have them evolve, will have you ready to accommodate your audience in any event or situation.


The biggest influence on the type of customers you engage will depend on your industry. However, heavily dense industries, with high competition can be very difficult to break into.


Plan & Strategy 

Thoroughly planning a strategy is central to your success. It will help prevent aimless content from being published, and will instead organize your approach. You must be able to identify your target audience. By simply figuring out who you want to target, you will know what type of content to share. Moreover, your plan and strategy should include a content marketing strategy. Otherwise, it can be difficult to convince people to follow you. Additionally, your plan will need to include a set of achievable social media goals. It is important that they are achievable, in order to facilitate your progress. Keeping track of these goals will allow you to go back and analyze the different things you did that had led to an increase in your audience. 

How to Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience is demanding and can be very difficult. Here is what you need to know.

Make It Vibrant

The first thing you will want to do is to catch people’s eyes. That way, you will be able to lure them in to see what you are offering. The most effective way to make a reader take notice is by adding colour and beauty. The aesthetic is crucial, which is why vibrant content will at least peak a reader’s interest. You can add a colorful video, gif, image or just anything that attracts the reader’s attention. 

Choose a Niche

When a brand is trying to target all people by being all things, it is likely that they will come by as uninteresting. Your niche does not have to be super specific and cater to a certain and soon to be the extinct type of audience, but it should be specific to an industry, and choose an audience to target. By doing so you will increase your brand’s effectiveness, thus increase your online audience. 



Search engine optimization, or SEO, will enable you to increase your traffic, by improving the quality of your page. You will need to go through all traditional channels, but also through more creative ones. This will include adding and enhancing a blog. You can buy guest posts to supplement it, which is capable of making the link building process easier and more effective. Backlink management software will be implemented, and that should increase your online audience. By enabling effective SEO strategies, you will be able to better target a niche. 

Provide Consistent Quality

The quality of the content you provide should be consistent, otherwise, it can deter your customers, which you can lose to your competitors. Consistent quality will grow your audience over time, and also keep your current audience engaged. If you are uploading a lot of content daily, but are unable to manage the quality, you can instead lower the frequency of your content for the sake of good quality. Though, it is better to work on both simultaneously for the best results. 

Connect With the Audience

Audiences will remain interested if they are given reason to do so. Your brand should make a point to regularly engage and connect. This should happen regardless of your size, and the size of your audience. You can use all mediums and channels of the online world to connect, which will show your interest in them. 


You can connect by employing the services of an influencer. By allowing them to take over your posts and feed on every platform, you can benefit from giving audience members a more authentic perspective. 


Make sure to answer all of the questions that are being thrown your way. This does not mean you have to respond to every comment, but only address their concerns for the reason of educating them about your brand. Also, make sure to not delete any comments left on a forum or social media account. If that happens, explain why.

Create a Story

Stories are perhaps the best way to keep an audience engaged and interested. It is entertaining, creative, and will have at least the majority of audience members coming back for more, just because they are curious to learn how it ends. Create a story for your brand where there is a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should look to include how your brand can solve a problem. The middle should focus on the details of your product, with a presentation of how they work. The story will be concluded with how your product makes lives better or easier.


Growing your online audience will result in an increase in sales and exposure. In order to do so effectively, you will need to focus on catching the reader’s eyes and make sure that once they are in, they do not leave. The strength of your online brand can be determined by how well you have planned and strategized your approach, so make sure you thoroughly work on one. And remember, SEO will push you to the forefront and increase your traffic, so make use of the myriad of backlinks being offered.