How to Hire Experienced Freelancers for Your Start Up



For most entrepreneurs, growing a business is a challenging affair especially in its early stages. Most lack enough capital to get the business to the heights that they wish it to be. It is common practice for the entrepreneur to approach investors and ask for some money in exchange for stake in the company. Although this can help your business and free it from the financial shackles, it reduces the amount of control that you have over your business. Giving even as little as 10 percent of your business will affect that business in the long run. It is the equivalent of giving away the freedom to make decisions one percent after another.

You may wonder then what the suitable solution to the financial problems it. Have you considered using the money that you have to start your business? It may not seem like an appealing decision but this can work for you.

The most crucial yet expensive aspects of the business are usually the staff. Getting low cost staff can be a daunting venture for anyone running a start up. However, it does not need to be an issue. You can get the human resource that you need by using freelancers.

There is an overwhelmingly increasing market for freelancers in the current job space. The advantage with hiring freelancers is that you only have them around when you need something done. They can come in on contract or even report to work only when you have an ongoing project. This significantly cuts the cost of paying staff a monthly salary and makes the running of your business cost effective.

The beauty of hiring freelancers is that you can get people with the exact talent that you need. They are not just random people without qualifications. In fact, these are people who have specialized in a specific field and are therefore competent in their work.

There are some activities that can be handled solely by freelancers. Some of them include;

  • Writing your business plan. Before your business takes off the ground, you will need a plan that clearly outlines the details of the business you intend to start. This plan will include the income projections of the business, how your company intends to make that much profit and the market share that the company will have. You can easily find freelancers online who can formalize your vision into writing.
  • Creating your website. The designs of your website will depend on the nature of the products and services you will be selling. You can find programmers online who can customize the simplest web space into a formal business website. The work done by these freelancers will be high quality and more affordable than the service you would get from an agency.
  • Developing an application for your business. In cases where you need a mobile application to sell your products, you can get a freelancer to develop the app for you. You might even be thinking of developing an app as a business idea. If programming is not your strong suit, you can find a developer online who will create the application at an affordable price.
  • Social media content. One of the drivers of marketing in today’s age is social media. It is important that your social media accounts are interactive and up to date. You will need a social media manager who manages your online platforms and promotes them with an aim of attracting customers to your products. You can find a freelancer who will update your pages a few times a week for a small fee.



One of the things you must keep in mind when looking for a freelancer is that the online world is vast. Your request for a freelancer will attract people from all over the world. To be able to find exactly what you need, your message must be specific. Secondly, remember to ask for samples of previous work. Thirdly, do not be shy to ask questions. This will help you find the right person for the job. Finally, remember cheap is expensive. Look for quality over the cost. Visit freelancemyway today and get experienced freelancers who will help boost your business.