How to Hire the Best Attorney for Your Small Business


You have always wanted to run your own business and you have finally realized that dream. Apart from acquiring premises and buying the stock and ensuring that you have enough ready cash to run the business for the first few months, you also need legal representation. This is a very important process. You cannot afford to rush it or latch onto the first lawyer that looks your way.

Getting top Perth lawyers or those closer to home depends on what your legal needs are. Most likely you will find out that you cannot find one lawyer who can handle every legal requirement for a company, big or small. You may therefore need to consider contracting a law firm. This is because a firm has several attorneys who have diverse specialties.

What legal requirements might a small business have?

A small business will need help in putting up the necessary legal business for instance:

  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers and clients.
  • Help with matters to do with real estate like purchasing a building or leasing a store.
  • Taxes
  • Licenses and zoning
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Settling litigations

Here’s an Example

Contracts must protect all parties involved in the transaction. However, often the landlord-tenant contract only protects the landlord, and the tenant is left at the mercy of the landlord. Landlord-tenant contracts can be negotiated and a tenant’s addendum added to the contract. The addendum contains provisions that balance out the contract to give the tenant some advantage as well. Your attorney should be equipped with a standard one.

Get Legal Advice Before You Sign Anything

You must also ensure that you get legal advice before you sign on the dotted line. This could save you money in the future as well as nasty surprises and conflicts. No one wants to be at loggerheads with their landlord.

Finding the Right Legal Help

Finding the appropriate legal representation is not rocket science. All you really need is patience.

  • Many firms have websites and you can always find one in your area and log in to find the kind of services they offer.
  • You can also find out from your business associates or even ask the accountants that you work with to refer some to you.
  • Consider looking into several firms and interviewing them so you can find your best fit. You will need to know their level of experience with specific legal issues as well as their success rate. Also, if you are not comfortable with the lawyer’s explanations, or even their demeanor, you can move on to the next one on your list.
  • Always keep in mind that you are the client here and you will be paying for the service. If you are not convinced that you have landed the right firm, do not contract Inquire about their legal fees and seek clarification about any future payments.

Having the right legal representation is crucial for any legal issues affecting your business or any legal complications, including lawsuits that could arise in future, so getting the Top Perth lawyers or good ones in your area should be a matter to be taken seriously.