How To Identify Your Instagram Targeted Audience Base

Having proper and in-depth knowledge of the Instagram target audience is always a major part of a successful marketing strategy.


Having proper and in-depth knowledge of the Instagram target audience is always a major part of a successful marketing strategy. Unless you are well-aware of the points that intrigue and motivates the followers, you might have a hard time producing the right content for engaging them. Unless you know when they are going to be active, you will not have enough success in reaching them at the best time.

So, it is really important for you to learn about the ways to find the target audience on the Instagram platform and discover the best Instagram targets to reach them out directly before someone else does in a similar field. Reading through this article will help you to learn more about this tactic now.

Ways to research and find out the target audience:

There are some significant methods available online, which are perfect for determining the Instagram target market. On the other hand, you will come to learn more about some of the audience research tips designed to help you target your market on this social media platform.

Always get started with the larger personas:

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. In case the business has defined buyer personas, it might make sense to reuse the same information for defining the Instagram target audiences. 

  • You need to have a clear idea on the type of customer you are looking for in your business. 
  • For that, you need to ask yourself what your product actually does and what it is.
  • Understand who your products are designed for and what your audience base is looking for.
  • Therefore, your target audience will be busy professionals and those people who are looking for solutions to organize their tasks and information. Your products must be able to increase their productivity level.

Pick up an audience of your niche:

It is true that for your product to grow and expand, you have to target your niche audience. Now you must be wondering how you pick one such niche. For that, you can start by listing out the top 5 things that you are passionate about to write and talk more about. Then do a quick search on this Instagram platform and see the type of content people posted within that niche. Searching through the posts will help you to come across people who are successful in the niche you are dealing with. If so, then you can go ahead and start working on that niche. 

Some of the areas, which are gaining quite some popularity among the masses will be health and fitness, vegan recipes, teenager’s yoga, Instagram marketing, TikTok and Pinterest marketing, ads for the e-commerce sector, and handmade products like customized t-shirts, engraved pottery, and coconut oil cosmetics.

Sometimes, you want to buy Instagram likes to grow the value of your business. You can come across some of the reliable sources for purchasing likes and grow the value of your Instagram account. Or you can wait and start getting likes naturally once you start posting quality content on your Instagram channel.

However, make sure not to confuse the niche you follow with the industry you are in. A niche is more like a small fraction of the entire market that you are dealing with. If you get more specific with targeting, it is going to be easier to appeal to the right customer base.

Always head for your Instagram demographics here:

Whenever you start researching, the demographic insights into Instagram audiences can be pretty useful, to say the least. All you have to do is visit the “insights’ section on the Instagram app and click on the “audience” section. Here, you are likely to see the three major fundamental statistics on followers, which are their age, gender, and location. 

  • Checking out this point is really important when you are trying to run Instagram ads in the nearby future. Here, you are able to receive content right in front of the Instagram target market by using the same data.
  • You will come to see who is more interested in your account. In case the ideal audience is middle-aged men, but Instagram accounts shows that most followers are your millennial women, then you are doing something wrong with posting strategy and have to rethink it.
  • In case the generic buyer persona is already in agreement with demographic stats from Instagram, then you have done your part of the research quite well.
  • It is important for you to understand what the audiences are planning to look for by checking out your posts and content. You need to know what they are doing on your platform or what kind of tips they are planning to get from your side.

Always remember that demographic statistics will not tell you any of the information as asked in the previous point as they are here not for qualitative mode. So, the main key to audience research is to find out what the followers’ personal preferences, habits, and interests are and then create content accordingly to satisfy their needs.

Conduct some social listening to know more about major conversations:

Audience research is noted to be one major step to understand your audience and then execute some effective Instagram targeting. One best way is to understand the value of social listening. Unless you are well-aware of what your audience is talking about, you might have one hard time understanding ways to engage them. 

So, you are mostly asked to use social media listening tools for pinpointing conversations within your said industry and around some selective topics. It will provide you with a better idea of what the audience is talking about and how they feel regarding certain topics. You will also find out who is driving these conversations forward.

Get the drive now!

So, it is inevitable that you need the power of Instagram to drive your business forward. Once you have identified your targeted audience base, it becomes easier to carry your business around by targeting only the prospective customers out there.