How To Increase The Number Of Sales Closed From Leads Your Website Has Produced


Driving people to a company website is going to increase the number of leads and thus deals closed by the sales team. Increasing this sales closing rate can allow a business to grow in a healthy manner as it does not ask the sales team to do anymore. They just have to do more with the leads they are given and evaluate the leads so the marketing department can change their strategy if there are numerous leads with very few being quality. The following will delve into what can be done to increase the percentage of leads closed from the website.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Through Content Marketing

Content marketing can help boost your search engine rankings but also has other benefits that can impact sales numbers. Brand recognition and brand image are two factors that can impact these sales numbers as most consumers research a company they are about to spend money with. Leads that come from search engines for very particular phrases that related directly to the company are generally incredibly high quality. People that search exactly with a product or service name know what they want and are most likely looking to buy in the near future. A consistent content marketing strategy over time will also make it more difficult for a competitor to rank ahead of your business for certain keywords especially if it is a newer business.

Keep Your Website Looking Current And Running Efficiently

The website of a business is now the first impression that a majority of customers will have about a business. There are plenty of quality freelancers that can help with this for quite an affordable price. Finding the right freelancer should not be hard as many platforms that connect clients and freelancers have rating systems.

The website being up and running at all times is important for all niches of business. For ecommerce the downtime of the website directly impacts profitability numbers at the end of the day. A business is not sure when a huge client could be visiting the website so keeping it up constantly will help maximize the possibility of leads as well as sales in the case of ecommerce businesses. Keep the business’ website constantly by having some of the best it comes to website and server hosting support working for you.

An easy to navigate site is always essential as a person looking for a sales page or contact information is not going to spend 10 minutes doing so. They will leave the site and go to the next in the search results where they can easily find this information. A doctor’s office would want to put their contact information at the top of the page as a conversion for them is an appointment being set. A web design company would put an email, telephone number, and contact page as they cannot convert without speaking to the prospect and having a contract signed.

Client Questionnaire

One tactic that a business should use is that of a client questionnaire as this can help qualify a lead in terms of budget and identify their pain points. Identifying pain points is imperative as this is the reason the sales prospect filled out a contact form or questionnaire is to solve these. This will also help the salesperson that is handling closing the deal customize their pitch. Doing a generic pitch is a waste as the salesperson wants to jump into how the company can help them solve their issues. This does not mean that the salesperson cannot pitch other services or products but they should lead with the main concern at hand. Be sure to note on the questionnaire that it should be filled out comprehensively in order to best serve their needs.

Immediately Sending Printed Sales Materials

Getting sales materials into the hands of sales prospects is essential as this is more formal than sending an email with a link. Sending 5X7 envelopes with these materials can make a sales prospect feel valued which can be valuable in the sales process. The ability to reference the materials instead of search through emails makes it much more convenient. The materials can include all of your products and services as a salesperson will not want to cover all of these if the prospect has already agreed to purchase quite a bit. Following up with these sales materials can also be a way to close a sale that had previously been lost. In certain situations, the timing for a prospect might be a little off so a follow up could come at the right time.


Increasing the percentage of leads closed will help grow the company if client retention is also high. Take time to see where you can start improving your company’s sales closing rate today!