How to Keep Your Business Clean


If you run any sort of business with public-facing services, you may be starting to think about how you can resume normal working practices whilst keeping yourself, your employees, and your customers safe. As you reopen your shop, cafe, or other business, you will be facing new challenges and considerations that you won’t have had to make before now. It is important to approach each issue rationally, with safety as a priority – this will help you establish good practices and ensure the continuing success of your business in the long-term.

Social distancing

It might seem like a buzzword closer to the world of Twitter than the world of business, but reputable sources are telling us that social distancing is here to stay, at least for the next two years. In order to attract customers and help them feel safe, your first step should be to institute very clear and simple social distancing policies. This could include limiting the numbers of clients in your establishment, or in the case of restaurants, increasing the space between tables and following big grocery stores in thinking about your floorplan to encourage a one-way system of foot traffic. In business terms, it might feel counter-productive to thus limit your clientele, but it will protect you in the long run and help you return to business much sooner than those who refuse to consider such possibilities.

Uniforms and Protection

You might not think it, but uniforms are used in many more areas of business than you would first assume. Manufacturers, food processing, restaurants, and medical industries all use uniforms on a regular basis – indeed, a simple suit could be considered a uniform in office-based companies. As you try to limit risk and keep your employees safe, uniforms will become a major consideration. Many healthcare commercial laundry services also offer laundering and provision for other types of uniforms – if you run a private medical business, you will already be well aware of the need for regularly cleaned, hygienic clothing for your staff, and this will soon be a consideration for all businesses. Even if you have not previously required uniforms for your staff, it may be worth providing uniforms in the coming months to help standardize employee protection and keep your services as hygienic as possible.


Speaking of hygiene, remember when the news was full of the instruction to wash our hands regularly? You might have felt as if you were being treated like a child again, but the regular reminders to keep ourselves squeaky clean were one of the key ways to keep everyone safe. However, this messaging has become less prevalent as of late. When you return to business and interacting with customers, it will be vital that you create the expectation amongst your staff to wash their hands regularly and meet the highest standards of personal hygiene. If you work in the food industry you will already know the importance of this, and it will soon become integral to how every business functions. So, put notices up in your staff bathrooms and stock up on antibacterial hand soap – keep your employees and your business clean, safe, and thriving.