How to Land a Job in IT


Whether you are looking for another job or want to start your career in the IT industry, job searching can be a daunting task.

The competition is stiff, trends are unpredictable, and your resume must be perfect to have the edge over other applicants.

The good news is that IT is a fast-developing industry and is projected to grow by 11% by the year 2029. 

This means the jobs are there. You just need to create a solid plan that will bring you closer to your dream. Below are four vital differentiators to keep in mind to quickly land a job in IT.

Season Your Degree With Relevant Certificates

Most job seekers have degrees meaning you have to add something to stand out. That’s what certificates are for. The most common certification is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). 

It’s a power-packed certification training that gives you global recognition and increases your credibility.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is best when you’re looking for a job in IT management.

To top up the certifications, work on becoming an expert. Start by reading materials on your field of IT specialization. Buy books, read blogs, and hang out a lot with industry experts on LinkedIn. 

Register with a Reputable IT Recruiting Agency

More tech companies are adopting staff-outsourcing to achieve organizational flexibility and efficiency.  

The purpose of a recruitment agency is to help candidates get jobs they resonate with in terms of pay, experience, and job role.

An IT recruiter will do the hard job for you. As a member of their database, you’ll be matched with a company’s job advert and then scheduled for an interview if you best fit the role.

The critical thing to check in a recruitment agency is legitimacy. You’d also want to check if they’re a subject matter in the IT field and their job placement success curve.

Understand Industry Expectations

Graduate employability rates differ a lot from deployability rates. As a result, companies will spend more time and resources training successful applicants before assimilating them into their job roles. 

This begs the question if training is relevant. The fact is that it’s not, and you can use this small window to become a favorite candidate. Why? Not all companies have the budget to train new employees.

Having a clear understanding of the IT industry means you clearly understand the specific technologies associated with the job and can accommodate rapid innovation and industry change.

Don’t Stop Applying Until You’re Successful

Making a lot of applications brings your success closer. One reason for this is that the entire process of application and interviews is a skill that takes time to grasp.

If you’re starting your professional IT career, it’s advisable to apply to jobs that might not even be perfect. Such allows you to learn how to maneuver through the interview.

What if you get many interview invites?

Keep applying to create a pipeline of potential options in case an interview didn’t go well. A job search is not over until you have signed a contract form.


It’s possible to land your next IT job by following these simple steps anchored by the right IT staffing agency. Once that’s done, channel all your energy into growing your career and lead a lasting happy life.