How to Launch a Successful Essay Writing Company


The essay writing services are becoming one of the most profitable online businesses these days. This is largely due to the rise in the need for homework help. More and more students are laying down the burden of writing their papers on these companies.

What makes young people pay for their essay? Maybe it’s not just laziness. Maybe it’s about schools that do put too much pressure and on learners nowadays. Or the whole society that is getting increasingly competitive.

Humans are not cut out for working nonstop. Sleep deprivation and constant study overload might cause stress or even a nervous breakdown. Besides, some learners need more time to process the information than others. So, an Essay Service is like a magic wand that can solve at least some of the students’ problem.

If you’re thinking about launching a custom writing company, you must understand that like any other business it has its products and customers. It provides:

  • Academic paper writing: essays (all types), research papers, literature reviews, movie review, creative writing, term papers, theses (or some chapters), etc;
  • Admission essay writing;
  • Editing and proofreading;

When students buy academic papers, they want to get what they pay for:

  • writing help from a professional;
  • unique, well-crafted papers;
  • adherence to academic writing standards (formatting, accuracy);
  • consideration of specific customer’s requirements;
  • 24/7 access to customer support;
  • on-time delivery;

From my schooling days, I’ve always been good at essay assignments. Thus, I knew I wanted to do something related to writing. And since I loved reading, a degree in English literature was a perfect choice.

After graduation, I started to discover that my education had not sufficiently prepared me for the real world of work. I was stuffed with knowledge but I lacked skills that employers were looking for in the workforce.

I wanted to have a job that would match my major. So, I decided to work as a freelance content writer. I was a beginner in the field, and my earning left much to be desired.

Two months later, I met my friends from college who were in the last year. We got talking. I told them about my job. They shared their plan to start an essay writing service and said that my qualification would be a valuable asset for the future company.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you might be interested to know how to start a similar business. Below are the steps we followed. They can guide you along the way.

1. Find qualified essay writers

The first thing you need to do is to hire highly skilled remote workers. Browse freelance writing websites (AdvancedWriters, Upwork, Freelancer, and look for the candidates. What I like about these sites is that one can read the customers’ comments about the writers. So, if someone sinned by plagiarism, you will know this fact from the reviews.

There was no need to hire many people at the beginning, as all of us were good at essay writing. We developed the employment procedure. According to it, the writer must meet our requirements:

  • a native English speaker
  • an academic degree in a certain area of study
  • experience in writing
  • a follower of colleges’ strict policy regarding plagiarism
  • has a knowledge of citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago).

2. Create a website

As an online company, we obviously needed a web presence. We did some research on the best hosts for our company. While there were lots of free website hosting services available, our choice was to invest into a premium domain name. It has SEO benefits.

Everything in your website should be done with your visitors in mind. Make it user-friendly. Optimize navigation so that your guests can easily find what they are looking for. Check whether all the links open up. Use programs that enable your site to be interactive. Users need to communicate with a writer to achieve a perfect result, a convenient way to get customer’s support, and a possibility to leave a comment.

3. Launch marketing and brand-awareness campaigns

Social media is more popular than ever. Millions of people around the world check their accounts first thing in the morning and then over and over throughout the day. Lots of companies use it to their advantage.

Initiate an advertising campaign to drive traffic to your website. Every visitor is a potential customer. Teenagers mostly use Facebook and Instagram. So, create the accounts and let people know about your company’s existence. Learn useful tricks of advertising via social media here.

When we used social nets for our business, we started to get more orders than we could deal with. The need for new writers was increasing.  Soon, we moved into a spacious office where our staff could work in comfort.

4. Build credibility

It is much cheaper to retain clients than attain new ones. Gain a positive online reputation. Become a company they can respect and trust. To do so, use the following rules:

  • Write papers of the top-notch quality: plagiarism-free, relevant, up-to-date, and tailored to the customers’ instructions.
  • Always deliver on time.
  • Set reasonable prices.
  • Offer a convenient way of paying.
  • Ensure confidentiality.

Students want more than simply having someone to write their essays for them. They want to get good grades when the piece is handed in. The best essay writing services have writers that are able to score highly on college papers.

5. Be passionate about what you’re doing

That’s not quite a business type of advice. But it is a key to success.

I told you my story to illustrate you how the effective plan, policies, and procedures make it easier to grow your business. But it was something else that protected us from failure. The members of our team share a belief that writing is our passion and helping others is what we want to do for a living.

I don’t write essays anymore. I monitor the work of essayists and provide feedback. Our company supports writers in every possible way, allowing them to find deep meaning in their work. We understand that if our writers feel bad, it can affect their work and lead to unsatisfied customers.

To succeed in essay writing business, make a plan, find people who have similar goals, hire good writers and advertise your service. Of course, this venture involves more work than this article can cover. These steps are the most important ones. You should never stop doing research on how to improve your strategy, team, website, and your own work. And never give up.

About the Author: Michelle Brooks is the blog editor and contributor to the educational platform. Her expertise includes career, self-development and e-learning. At her spare time, Michelle studies psychology and writes short stories.