How to Look Great for Work in the Summer Heat


Summer presents some issues for going into work. When the sun is beating down, it can make for an uncomfortable and sweaty commute. And unless you have a work uniform to wear, you’ll need to pick out some clothing items that are suitable for summer. You can’t just wear the same things you wear the rest of the year, as you’ll find yourself sweating through your shirt before you even arrive at the office. With that in mind, here are some tips for looking great for work even during the Summer heat.

Choose Lighter Fabrics

First, you should pay attention to the fabric your clothing is made from. During the Summer months you’ll want to choose items made from a lighter fabric. July isn’t the time to wear your nice wool sweater. Instead, you should go for things like linen, cotton or polyester, as these are more breathable. Your body will be able to let out some of the heat it’s generating, so it won’t all get trapped inside.

Go with Short Sleeve Shirts

Next, unless you’re required to wear a full suit to work, you should consider going with short sleeve shirts. You can still look professional in short sleeves, especially if you add a tie to it. Short sleeve shirts are not suitable for every office, but if yours allows it, you should take advantage. Grab yourself some Polo or Union shirts in a few different colors, then match them up with some different neckwear. The less fabric you have the wear during the Summer, the cooler you’ll be.

Wear Lighter Colors

In addition to light fabrics, you should also wear lighter colors. Lighter colors reflect more light, which means more heat. Wear dark colors like black will only make you feel warmer, so avoid it where you can. Instead, use the Summer as an opportunity to wear colors you might not normally wear – pastels, pinks, purples, light blues, etc. If you must wear a suit, consider going with a light grey one instead of your normal black. Wearing lighter colors will not only look more appropriate in the Summer, but it will make you feel better tool.

Loosen Up a Bit

In the Summer, it’s not a bad idea to wear clothing that is just a little bigger than normal. By getting slightly larger shirts, your body will have more room to breathe and you won’t stick to your clothes as much. This doesn’t mean you need to look sloppy by getting something that is way too big. Rather, just consider going up a size in your shirt or waistband. An extra inch makes a big difference when you’re starting to sweat.

Add Some Accessories

Accessories are a great way to stay cool during the Summer, and when done right, can really accentuate an outfit. For example, hats are great in the Summer as they allow your head to remain cool and protected from the Sun. You could easily add a light Fedora to just about any business outfit, or even a flat cap. You probably won’t want to go with that baseball cap you have in your closet though.

Another accessory is a good pair of sunglasses. Find a pair that goes with your face shape and matches most of your outfits. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the Sun, allowing you to face the day a little easier. And, if you get a good pair, they can really take an outfit to another level. When it comes to sunglasses for those of us that need a prescription pair, there is the option to use vision insurance as well, which not only ensures that you have a good level of cover but you can look great while being able to see clearly too.

Take Care of Your Skin

It’s very easy to get sunburn during the Summer. If you don’t take care of your skin, you could find yourself walking into the office looking like a tomato. Then it won’t matter how great your outfit. Anytime you’re going to be in the Sun for more than a few minutes, make sure you apply sunblock to exposed areas. You should also limit the amount of time you’re in the Sun until your body has time to adjust. If you do get burned, apply some aloe Vera to help the burn heal more quickly.

Bring Some Maintenance Products with You

Finally, it’s not a bad idea to carry around some maintenance products or keep them tucked away in your office. Things like hair gel, wet wipes, a spare undershirt, Chapstick and lotion can all come in handy when it gets particularly hot outside. That way, if you walk into work a sweaty mess, you can wipe yourself down a bit, change your shirt, and fix up your hair before that big meeting.