How to Make a Facebook Ad: Marketing Tips for Businesses


If you are trying to market your business and want to make a Facebook ad, you should click here for a guide on how to make a Facebook ad.

For the first time in history, it is actually easier to make a Facebook ad than a Google Ads advertisement. This is partially due to the foolproof step-by-step walkthrough that Facebook gives you, and the fact that Google has made its advertising platform extremely unintuitive. Here is how to make a Facebook ad.

How to Make a Facebook Ad

This Facebook ads guide doesn’t explain how to sign up for the Facebook advertising platform because that is easy. Let’s get started with our Facebook ads 101 guide with the “Choose your objective” section.

Set up your Facebook advertising account and click to start a new campaign. You then need to pick one of the objectives listed below.

  • Brand awareness
    • Reach
    • Traffic
    • Engagement
    • App installs
    • Video views
    • Lead generation
    • Messages
    • Conversions
    • Catalog sales
    • Store visits

Don’t worry too much about what each means because the Facebook advertising platform explains each. They walk you through how to create a Facebook ad when you sign in to the advertising program.

Name Your Campaign

You must now name your campaign, which you do for your own records, as you will probably have numerous campaigns over the years. Name your ads set. For example, your campaign may be called, “Teddy Sale” and one ad may be “Doctor Bear” and another may be “Nurse Bear” and so forth.

Target Your Audience

This guide to Facebook ads cannot cover the intricacies of targeting and marketing censorship, but Facebook makes it fairly simple. It asks you to pick demographics such as the location of your audience, the general age, gender, and so forth. Luckily, the ad platform uses the male vs. female version of gender rather than the 71 gender classifications that Facebook installed.

Choose Your Facebook Ad Placements

As of the time of this guide to Facebook advertising being written, there are only three options to choose from. You may have your ads run on mobile devices, on desktops, or both. Facebook can automatically place your ads, or you may edit them for certain devices.

Your Budget and Schedule

The last element in our Facebook ad guide is your budget and your schedule. Set a daily budget to ensure that your campaign doesn’t run away with all your money. The schedule is up to you. Some people want their ads running all the time, and some ads are scheduled so that they start and end as per instructions. For example, you may only want your ads running on weekends.

Your bid types will depend upon the type of objective you chose earlier. For example, if you chose the increase the popularity of your Facebook page, then you may be charged per page “Like” or per page “Impression.”

Conclusion – Are Facebook Ads the Right Route for You?

Some people say that Facebook is mostly dominated by children, who are by far the most active. This is very bad news for people trying to make direct sales, but good news for people wanting page views and shares. If you are looking for page views to help boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then Facebook ads are for you and now that you know how to make a Facebook ad you can put your knowledge to the test.

The choice is yours, but if you are looking to sell, then maybe invest in a platform that attracts (and maintains) more of an adult audience, such as Instagram or Twitter.

If you want more information and more detailed business tips, then browse our website and check out a few of the radio shows and featured articles for a very balanced and intelligent business opinion and for business help.