How to Make Your Store as Vogue as Possible


The competition between online and traditional retail stores remains fierce. Increasingly, consumers have done their research when they walk into your store. You can expect potential customers to have done their homework when it comes to features, pricing and other offers on the market. Competing against these factors can be tough for retailers. Worry not. There are a few simple tricks that you can use to make your store stand out from the competition. While you can’t expect your sales teams to be mind readers, you can make a few small changes to ensure that your customers are put into a good mood, and ready to spend money as soon as they cross your threshold.


Making your store as vogue as possible does not require too much time or effort. In fact, by making a few changes, you will see a positive impact on your revenue this holiday season.


The VIP experience

From five dollars to five thousand, treat each and every one of your customers as a VIP. First-touch inquiries are a golden opportunity for sales and in-person meetings. Remember, once your customers are in your store, they expect to be met by a knowledgeable salesperson, who can answer any questions that they might have. Disinterested and unhelpful sales staff will highly impact any customer experience. Be sure to train your sales teams to provide a million dollar shopping experience, and you are bound to get results.



Do customers get lost in your store? Can they easily find what they are after? Is older stock mixed up with newer merchandise? If you are unable to answer these questions, then your layout could be letting you down. While you may be easily able to find a particular product, remember that customers may think differently. Initial visuals and layout will help guide any potential purchases. An overcrowded and untidy shop floor does not attract consumers.


Firstly, be sure that your retail displays are organized and safely assembled. Sites such as can help with your requirements. Next, use the seasons or promotions to your advantage. Creating an inviting and colorful display will entice shoppers into your store, making it more likely that they will go on to make a purchase.


Decrease wait time

Time is precious to today’s consumers. Many shoppers no longer are prepared to wait in line to complete their purchases, resulting in lost sales. So, if you lose customers due to prolonged lines, then now’s the time to make a few changes.


Consider installing self-service kiosks or increase your workforce at busy periods. For larger items, you could consider offering time slots or appointments, meaning that your customer has a truly personalized service from start to finish. Poor purchasing experiences could result in negative feedback, damaging your reputation. So if you want to ensure that you retain loyal consumers, then focus your efforts on decreasing wait time.


Factors such as long wait time, disorganized displays and poor customer service can all have a negative impact on overall shopping experiences. Remember that each and every consumer wants to be treated like a VIP, so make sure that your store offers a truly vogue shopping experience if you want to see increased profits.