How To Manage Remote Workers and Stay Productive


Are you looking for the best ways to manage your remote workers to keep them productive?

With the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, one out of four Americans are working remotely in 2021. An estimated 36.2 million people will be working remotely by 2025!

In today’s digital age, keeping your remote workers motivated is an important part of running a successful business. Read on to learn how to manage remote workers so they are productive and happy!

Maintain Clear Communication Channels

Whether you are working remotely or physically present in an office, maintaining clear communication channels is crucial to success. Remote work means there’s an emphasis on talking with your team to stay on top of your tasks.              

Consider hosting daily check-in meetings with your remote team so that you keep up with each other. These are good times to talk about ongoing projects, but also a refreshing way to catch up on what’s going on in your employee’s lives outside of work. 

Avoid Micromanaging Employees

Micromanaging is a bad way to manage remote workers and should be avoided. You may have trouble adjusting to not being around your employees regularly. Don’t let not being physically present in an office cause you to micromanage projects.

Put faith in your employees and give them the freedom to complete work tasks on their own. Make sure you let them know that you are there to help them if they need it but won’t get in their way.

Putting this sort of confidence in your employees is a great way to keep them motivated and productive.

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Stay Creative to Keep Things Fun

Creating a fun work environment is a good way to keep your employees engaged and happier during remote work. You may be wondering how to stay creative when everyone in your company is working in a different location?

One of the things you can do is to do group meetings with a fun twist. For example, to open the meeting, each person could share one fun thing they are doing the next weekend.

You could also consider doing a ‘show and tell’ type presentation for each employee. This gives your employees a chance to break away from the daily stressors of the workday and let their personalities shine through!

Learn How to Manage Remote Workers

Learning how to manage remote workers can help your team take your work product to the next level. Before you put your plan into action, you’ll want to spend time thinking about your employees and their unique personalities.

This will help you brainstorm the best ways to reach your employees most effectively. It will also give you the chance to find ways to increase productivity and keep your employees excited to start new projects.

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