How to Market Your Business on a Slim Budget


Not every business has thousands of dollars to spend on marketing, especially if it’s a new one. If you own a small business that you want to grow through marketing, but cannot afford to pay too much for it, there are ways to do that. Although the exact employment of the technique will differ slightly depending on your trade, here’s a list of marketing tactics that can be applied to almost any business on a shoestring budget.

Focus Your Sight

Granted this one isn’t exactly a definite marketing strategy, consider it instead to be a prerequisite to building one. As you already have a very limited budget, it is of the utmost importance that your limited resources are spent on marketing to the potential customers, rather than wasting them in pointless endeavours. Figure out your target market and direct the entirety of your marketing ploys to bring in customers from that target group. You can expand your marketing later on when the business starts to grow.

Email Marketing

The digital equivalent of direct-mail marketing, email marketing is a cheap and indispensible part of any marketing campaign. The beauty of it is that even though it perfectly suits a business that’s looking for affordable ways to market itself, email marketing has such a high rate of success that it is used by even the largest conglomerates throughout the globe. In fact, research has shown that customers prefer being communicated with via email more than through any other medium.

Optimize and Speed up Your Website

When someone is searching online for local tradesmen like a handyman or an electrician, they already need the service. In such cases, very little convincing is necessary and the rate of conversion will depend largely on the speed and accessibility of your site. Smartphones are often the device of choice while browsing nowadays, so your site should be able to automatically detect what the potential customer is using and adjust accordingly to provide the best experience possible. Where applicable, the transition from information to the checkout section should also be seamless to ensure that the buyer doesn’t face any hiccups while trying to make the purchase.

Social Media Marketing

You can use social media to market your business online even when you are on a budget because it doesn’t have to be a big campaign. Anyone can choose to limit the amount of money spent in sponsoring a page on Facebook, according to their allocated funds. Furthermore, the demographic tools will allow you to find potential customers directly and advertise a post right on the timeline feeds of those individuals. However, it is necessary in social media marketing to do a lot of research and pinpoint your limited marketing resources towards the right audience.

As you can see by now, it is quite possible to devise a viable marketing strategy even when your budget isn’t that great. However, when your business begins to pick up, you will need to invest more if you have any plans to grow it bigger. As a final tip, keep in mind that no marketing tool is more effective in bringing in customers than being good at what you do.