How To Maximize Productivity As a Manager


Managers are tasked with keeping staff as productive as possible which can be difficult on a daily basis. There are times where it can be difficult to motivate as a manager’s personal motivation might be low.  Productivity hitting on all cylinders quarter after quarter is what turns small companies into corporate juggernauts in a matter of years. The best managers consistently have teams with the best production are on the fast track to a promotion or quite a bonus. The following are some ways you can increase productivity in the office as a manager.

Office Setup

The office setup is important as certain arrangements can foster collaboration and cut down on distractions. Studies have shown that moving people’s desks can also help productivity. Taking the time to reconfigure your office furniture can have great benefits. This fosters teamwork between people who might not have ever spoken as they were seated across the office from each other. Another benefit is increased collaboration between departments as it makes staff more comfortable asking for help in a certain area. Similarly, this reconfiguration helps optimize productivity since there can be a seamless transition of a project when handed over from one department to another.

Listen To Process Suggestions

The odds are that some of the processes are outdated that you are using in your office. This could be for a number of reasons including change in technology or simply the flow of communication has changed. Asking those who are extremely productive to suggest certain process changes can make a huge difference. Anything that can be automated should be as it saves time and cuts down on human error completely. Make sure to only listen to one suggestion at a time so you know which variable is boosting production. Changing a multitude of things at once will not clarify which variable is making the largest difference.

Time Tracking Software

Many people think that having time tracking software is micromanaging but this isn’t always the case. There will be employees that waste copious amounts of time surfing certain sites instead of getting work done. Internet restrictions might be look at negatively by staff and it has been shown that a short break to browse social media can actually boost productivity. Time tracking software gives the company the ability to see where the highest producers are spending their time. This can be a great way to modify corporate trainings as well as give tips to poor performers. The fact that you can get rid of those committing time theft in the process is an added bonus.

 Don’t Just Train in the Beginning

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that one training program is enough for an employee for their duration of employment at the company. Too many times companies think that current staff will just figure out new processes on their own. Sitting people down and training them quarterly can help remind them of the core fundamentals of the business and teach them new things. Do not leave the training processes the exact same if results are stagnant for new employees. You want trainings to improve so new employees come in better trained than ever. Enlisting the help of a star employee can help as sometimes they have tricks that can immensely help in productivity. Getting new employees to become profitable nearly immediately is a tough task but this can boost profits.

As you can see there are plenty of things that managers can do to boost productivity. Being proactive about employee productivity is important as it is easy for an entire staff to hit a slump. The negativity that surrounds a slump can impact morale and be hard to get out of. If you are a manager you should try one of the above before a potential slump approaches!