How to Move Plants: Preparing Houseplants for a Move


How to pack your houseplants to make them delivered to your new home successfully without damaging the leaves and the flowers? As it can be a real dilemma on how to master the packing and transferring process when it comes to delicate cactus and orchids.

Today, we’re going to reveal a couple of useful secrets on how to prepare your plants to deliver them without a single damage. But to implement all of the following tips, you need to have someone to help you – your husband, friend, children, or someone from your neighbours. Or just call your local movers to find out whether they provide a plant packing service or some kind of help in case you need to transport the potted plants.

How to Pack Delicate Plants for a Moving

Packing and delivering succulents in excellent condition is not always an easy task even for a professional department store or a delivering service. So, you need to take everything seriously and follow each advice provided below as accurately as possible.

How to Pack a Small Cactus Plant

  • Take a medium to small box and line it with a piece of paper. Next, place more resilient plants directly in the box. If a plant is very delicate, wrap it in paper or place it in a paper bag for a better protection. If a succulent has spines and sharp leaves, place a couple of packing peanuts on top of it;
  • Then, place some recycled crinkle paper on top and around the plants. This will help to keep them in place. Check if the box and the plants are stable.

How to Pack an Orchid

An orchid is one of the most sensitive plants we usually keep at home. But packing without ruining the flower is a tremendously difficult task. So, follow each step very slowly.

  • Use a piece of wrapping paper to cover the top of the pot;
  • Tape the top of the pot to secure everything in place. In this case, the plant won’t fall out even if it is upside down;
  • Wrap the whole pot using one more piece of packing paper;
  • Take a medium to small box, which can fit at least two orchid plants at a time. And place your orchids inside of it side by side. Put some padding between all negative spaces the box has to make sure that there is no shake and the plants are stable. The plants should hold each other together;
  • On top, place a few layers of recycled crinkle paper. That’s all for the orchids.


So, take as many boxes and packing paper packages as you can and start preparing your plants early. Make sure that you have enough materials for every orchid and cactus. And always check if they are stable in the boxes before you start loading everything in a truck.

Hopefully, you’ve found these small recommendations interesting and useful.