How To Nail Your Interview Even With A Bad Weather  



Meta Description: Got an interview on a rainy day? Don’t let the bad weather stop you from getting your dream job by using these tips!


A rainy day is a real bummer when you have an important meeting to attend to. But it is even more annoying when it starts pouring on the day of your job interview. The strong wind, the slippery ground, and the gloomy atmosphere—all of these can ruin your day (and your interview) if you don’t remember these tips!


Confirm Your Interview


When you think that the weather has become a hazard for everyone, call the company or the human resource officer and confirm if the interview is canceled or not. Chances are, the management is already stressed out and has a lot of other things to deal with that they may have forgotten to inform applicants about the cancellation. Your safety is still the most important thing and companies understand this, so don’t hesitate to ask when it starts raining cats and dogs in your area.


Be Equipped


So your interview isn’t canceled. Time to think about the things that you should bring to your interview! If the weather is just cloudy, don’t assume that it won’t rain throughout the day. It is still better to come prepared by bringing a handy umbrella with you. Appearing in your interview soaking wet and freezing will be distracting and uncomfortable for you and your interviewer. Save yourself from this humiliating experience by coming equipped and ready. Always hope for the best but be ready for the worst.


Bring Extra Shoes


Are you planning on wearing boots or wellies to keep your feet dry? If you are, don’t forget to bring extra shoes that would go well with your business outfit. Even though your boots are cute, it is still important to look professional and formal when you are in an interview. Impress your would-be employer with your sleek style and remember that first impression last. Being badly dressed isn’t the first impression that you want your interviewer to have on you.


Look Sleek


One of the challenges that women (and even some guys) have to face when it’s raining is how to tame their long hair. Flaunting your crowning glory can give you a confidence boost but it might not be recommendable for rainy days. Just think of the strong winds outside that is sure to give you a bad hair day. Plus, a wet look isn’t exactly a good style to have when you’re going to talk to your future boss. So take out your scrunchie or an elastic band to put your hair up in a ponytail and still look classy even with a disastrous weather outside.


The last thing you need to remember is to never assume that your interview is canceled. You might miss a good opportunity just because you did not ask or give the company a call about your interview.


Be wise. Be prepared. And nail that interview to get the job of your dreams!