How to Outpace Your Competition Fast


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Time is the currency of the twenty-first century. Your ability to set priorities and then to move fast and get the job done quickly and well is the most valued set of time management skills in the work place today.

Develop a “Sense of urgency” Only two percent of the population has a sense of urgency and they eventually outpace everyone else.

People today are impatient. Even instant gratification is no longer faster enough. Speed and execution is associated with value in people’s minds. When you get a reputation for being the kind of person who gets the job done fast, responsibilities, opportunities and rewards will gravitate towards you like iron filings to a magnet.

When you want to get something done, you give it to a busy person. Busy people work at a faster tempo than average people do. They get a lot more done in the same period of time. Your job is to develop a reputation for being the fastest moving person in your work place. Start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later.

Work in “real time” — move quickly on small tasks to get them done and out of the way immediately. Pick up the pace. Move faster, get it done now. Don’t waste time. Sometimes, your ability to take the job and get it done faster than anyone else is all you need to be a great success.

How you can apply this law immediately:

1. Always be looking for ways to get the job done faster. What are your key outputs and how could you complete them more quickly than ever before?

2. Reorganize your work so that you can give your boss and your customers what they need, faster. One good idea to cut the length of time it takes to complete a task can give you an edge in the marketplace.

3. Look for ways to serve your customers faster than your competitors. Every breakthrough in business and technology today involves serving customers faster than someone else. Do it. Fix it. Try it. Move fast. Someone is gaining on you!

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