How to Plan a Corporate Meeting in San Juan PR


Waiting for long to hold your next corporate meeting? Now could be the right time. Puerto Rico has relaxed Covid-19 travel restrictions for domestic travelers, according to Cable News Network. Domestic travelers neither need to take a COVID test before arriving nor show proof of vaccination. Only international travelers should be completely vaccinated to enter. There are a few exceptions, such as individuals on official or diplomatic foreign government travel and people having documented medical contractions to getting a COVID vaccine, says CDC. 

When you plan a meeting, decide the venue first. If you travel from some other city in Puerto Rico to San Juan, you must arrive at the airport. So, book a reputed provider of group transportation services near San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico like VIP Luxury Transportation Services. Choose one that has more than 10 years of experience in offering highly trained professional drivers for both long and short trips. See whether you can get a motor coach, mini bus or charter shuttle limo for group transportation in SJU. Then you can transfer yourselves from the airport to a San Juan hotel comfortably and safely. 

After that, follow the steps below to plan your meeting successfully. 

Prepare a Preliminary Agenda

Identify the purpose of your meeting and lay out a preliminary agenda. You can think of a brief introduction and some following steps. Consider the amount of time to dedicate to every item and choose a suitable order.  

Select Participants

Think about who can help you reach your goal and will be impacted by the meeting’s result. Identify:

  • Significant decision-makers 
  • Employees knowledgeable about the topic at hand
  • Ones who must be informed about their jobs
  • Professionals to implement decisions

Consider a small group for problem-solving and a large one for brainstorming. Based on the number of attendees, you need to book group transportation to SJU.

Assign Major Roles

This helps boost engagement and focus. 

Consider These Roles:

  • A facilitator to guide the meeting’s discussion
  • A scribe to take down main decisions and share notes 
  • A timekeeper to move the discussion along properly
  • A contributor to keep the discussion on track
  • An expert to share knowledge on specific issues

Send Out Invitations

Once the attendees agree with the preliminary agenda, send calendar invites or personal invitations to them.

Share Any Preparatory Materials

Around 1-2 days in advance of the meeting, send any pre-reading, reports or requests for materials that might need preparation from attendees. 

Finalize and Share the Agenda 

If the preliminary agenda has changed, share the final version with the attendees. After that, prepare yourself by practicing your presentation, taking any printed handouts and so on. 

Don’t forget to book group transportation services to transfer yourselves from the hotel back to the airport in San Juan. That way, your return trip will also be sorted.