How to Reach C-Level Executives: Amie Hoff


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM in Houston, TX interviewed Amie Hoff. Hoff is the co-founder and CMO of FitKit and owner of Hoff Fitness. I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years as a fitness consultant, fitness media contributor, author, personal trainer and fitness product entrepreneur. I pitch both my fitness consulting services as well as my product, FitKit to C Level executives.

Tell us about your company?

My parent company, Hoff Fitness has grown over the last 10 years to include, consulting, speaking engagements, products and book writing. As my brand has grown, the opportunities have naturally increased. With my media exposure on the rise, I was able to develop a product (FitKit) with placement traction out of the gate. When I learned that the corporate market was a viable revenue stream for FitKit, I focused my efforts there, growing my team to include sales, marketing and distribution. Today, when people ask what I do, I respond with, “I work in the health and wellness industry as a consultant and developer of fitness products. In the corporate market, I offer wellness program design, employee incentive and client offerings as well as help create an open dialogue between employees and management.” This of course is modified, depending on the pitch, and specific needs of an executive or company I am targeting. FitKit – Total Fitness in a Kit is a separate company under the Hoff Fitness brand. We started selling FitKit online to the general public to help individuals get healthy and fit. The online/retail division is still thriving as we continue to grow the corporate division.

What is your background when it comes to pitching to C-suite executives?

As a fitness consultant for over 20 years, I understand what motivates individuals to get and stay active. I help companies create wellness programs that will engage their employees in activity and successfully increase productivity, employee attendance and company morale. As a public speaker, I can address every level within the company, tailoring my talk to the topics necessary to develop awareness. I have on-camera experience as a fitness spokesperson and can offer in house videos for educational purposes from behavior modification to workouts. I also have a network of health and wellness professionals to bring on board to increase the professional depth on any project.

What is unique about your approach?

I do not have “corporate” background, in that I went into business for myself after college. I do however have experience in working with executives in all areas of business. My approach is much less business and more personal. By targeting the emotional, more vulnerable aspects of a topic or project, the response is that of approachability and real conversation. I have learned that everyone wants to be healthy and because it is often a personal experience, companies are learning the value in approaching it from an individual aspect rather than implementing a business structure that often feels disconnected. I help companies send the message of caring, involvement in employee wellbeing and health – not just trying to increase the bottom line and decrease health costs.

What suggestions do you have for those who want to also approach C-suite clients?

Research. That alone has helped me better approach executives. I not only research their function and responsibilities within their corporate roles, but also their business history, achievements and personal lives if possible. Once learning how a person operates, their interests, hobbies and involvements, you can better tailor a pitch. When you are able to truly personalize a pitch, and recognize traits, the response rate is much greater. When approaching a C-level executive, referrals are one of the best ways I have found to gain a response. Friends, family and colleagues are great resources. Most need prompting so I send out an email explaining what level executive I am looking to reach, list three target markets and even give examples to create a thought process they may not otherwise consider. You will be amazed how many people will have names for you to consider. If they choose to do th introduction, I am sure to create the email for them to send. You don’t want to rely on someone else taking a stab at pitching your service or product.

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