How to Reach C-Level Executives: Christi Guthrie


Kevin Price Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Christi Guthrie, who is a fashion stylist; owner of Clutch!, A fashion brand; author; lifestyle blogger for The Huffington Post & COO of her most recent venture My Little Black Box that she co-owns with Stacey Alcorn, Ann Marie Duross & Christina LoNigro.

Tell me about your firm

My Little Black Box is a revolution, a movement if you will, of confidence and appreciation. We do speaking engagements, trainings, and offer a monthly subscription service of gifts of gratitude & appreciation accessories!

My Little Black Box currently employees 6 fashion forward females with offices in Ma. & a satellite office in NY. We have grown quite quickly and are always on the hunt for new talent
There are no restrictions to who we work with. If you own a company and have employees and are looking to rejuvenate morale, add some trendy training, and/or give your corporate culture a little color then My Little Black Box is your secret weapon.

Tell us your story about reaching C-Level executives to do business?

My partners & I are always Reaching! We reach out to corporations to help change people. If people are happy at work, they are happy at home. When people are happy at work, the company as a whole does better.
We start by sending out our confidential package that houses our programs & trainings – all customizable. Also included, is a copy of our most recent book & on the inside we have it dedicated to that specific firm. It currently happens to be REACH! Each book is a great tool to be used for corporate training & marketing. Because it is dedicated specifically to them it makes for a fun, clever way for to market themselves to potential clients.

Do you know of other examples of businesses being creative in this endeavor?

Zappos for sure is one that comes to mind. They have a Dream Manager on staff, they have parades, competitions, and lots of other cool contests. Google does tons of stuff too…
I believe in this day and age companies need to offer more than a financial package. People are wiser to the fact that they spend a lot more time working and are looking for more than just a 9-5 job. Companies that work at making their employees family are really striving. A fun corporate culture undoubtedly will have less turnover & a better reputation. People/employees want to feel like they are appreciated; that they are a part of the bigger picture.

What lessons, if any, do you derive from these stories?

To always be REACHING! C- level Execs, Celebs, Dreams, Desires. You have to be willing to Reach! For everything & anything you want. To Reach! & move with style & confidence.

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Christi Guthrie