How to Reduce Your Warehouse Costs With Led High Bay Lighting


For business owners, warehouses are crucial as they serve as storage and processing space for all the goods. Owning a warehouse and ensuring the proper flow of raw materials for production requires an efficient warehouse setup. The entire framework of an adequate warehouse is based on its lighting setup.  

To sustain the function of any such space, it is essential to maintain a balance between its function and maintenance costs, which on the increase will only cause a loss in business. 

A proper lighting setup ensures maximum efficiency of the space. To maximize warehouse functionality while reducing maintenance costs, it is essential to incorporate LED high bay lighting in the facility. 

What are the high bay lights? 

High bay lights are powerful light fixtures built for extensive facilities or spaces. These light fixtures ensure an efficient supply of light in high ceiling areas, i.e. areas with ceiling height extending above 20 feet and reaching 50 feet. 

In such places, every other light fixture is critically inefficient in terms of proper light distribution, and so high bay lights come into play. The light from these fixtures is powerful and bright. Their efficient design ensures uniform distribution across all corners of the warehouse as it compensates for a large horizontal and vertical space lined with shelves extending above eye level.

Types of High bay lights 

High bay lights are manufactured in two main designs: 

  • Round
  • Linear 

Round high bays are also known as UFO high bays as they have a circular UFO shape. Despite their compact, circular shape, they can produce powerful bright light like high linear bays. The distribution pattern is circular with an adjustable beam angle, and they can be both suspended from ceilings or surface-mounted. 

Most warehouses and commercial spaces use high round bays as they do not occupy a large installation area and can be adjusted for directional lighting. 

On the other hand, high linear bays are rectangular, and their size ranges from 4-8 feet. These are enormous light fixtures to illuminate equally larger spaces with efficacy. 

Depending on the layout of a warehouse, the fixture’s appropriate size is determined for even light distribution. 

Properties of LED High bay lights 

High Bay LED lighting is smart and effective lighting technology that is rapidly becoming an integral part of extensive facilities. There are several ways to improve your warehouse lighting layout with the installation of high bay lights and profit off low maintenance costs in the long run. 

Here are a few properties of LED high bay lights which make them cost-effective:

They are low maintenance 

Once installed, LEDs generally live up to their warranty period. Unlike traditional lamps, they have a longer service life, and they barely ever malfunction unless the quality is compromised. For larger fixtures, maintenance is a huge task and requires technical assistance, which also affects the environment’s flow. High Bay LED lighting save the trouble of additional labour costs and frequent replacement.  

Energy efficiency 

LEDs are highly energy efficient. It is said that they reduce power consumption and utility bills by 70%. They utilize the energy in producing light and only waste 5-10% of it as heat converting 80% of it to light energy, which is quite the opposite of how traditional fixtures function by producing more heat than light. This one factor indeed accounts for their increasing popularity among lighting contractors. 

Uniform light distribution

LEDs are arranged on the surface plate so that they produce a uniform pattern of light. The distribution is even, and the design of high bay lights ensures it. This pattern provides adequate placement and fewer fixtures without obstructing the light coming from other fixtures. 

Adjustable beam angle 

The light coming from LED high bays can be adjusted by using reflectors. The reflectors such as aluminum, parabolic or acrylic reflectors direct and change the light from the fixture; they accentuate the light for even distribution over large shelves for better visibility. 


LED high bay lighting improves the lighting layout and cuts down the costs by a significant margin, which facilitates the overall environment of the business, generates better revenue and increases worker’s compliance.