How to Spot and Avoid Scams and Fraud in FX Trading


Forex trading is purchasing and selling currency pairs depending on exchange rates. The main idea of Forex trading is that through the exchanging of the currency pairs traders are allowed to make money. As long as FX trading means selling and buying currency pairs every day and they are exchanged in the marketplace, it may be linked to some risks, as well.


With a lack of regulatory framework and so much money changing hands every day, traders might be targeted by fraudsters promising large sums of money with little or no risk.


The Forex market is one of the largest financial markets around the globe. It is open 24 hours in 5 days a week. Moreover, on average the daily turnover of the money in the FX market is about $5 trillion.


Many people wonder, “Can you make money trading Forex?” While the financial advantages from trading the Forex market appear to be profitable, it cannot be described as simple. It is critical to have solid trading knowledge, a fully funded trading account, and an awareness of risk management tactics.


Unfortunately, many unethical persons may attempt to defraud individuals through Forex trading scams. Forex scams will remain as long as the Forex market does. Scammers are constantly close, seeking to take your money as scams evolve. But is there a way to solve this problem?

Scams in the investment industry come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Some of the frauds are even named after the people who invented them. Forex fraudsters typically prey on inexperienced or unskilled traders. Before you enter the markets, the best approach to prevent being a victim and being scammed is to receive a good Forex trading education.

How to identify a scam?

The most apparent sign of a scam is when a forex investment opportunity or broker advertises that what it is selling is a guaranteed method to generate money.


Forex is a viable trading option that may provide profits; nevertheless, it is not a reliable source of overnight millions and should never be promoted as such.




It is a fraud if any broker, EA, or trader tries to offer you anything that is 100% guaranteed to make you a billionaire. In addition to that if you want to spot the scammer in FX trading you need to look at the reviews. For example, if there are some poor reviews like this OspreyFX broker review, it may be one of the indicators, which shows that the broker is a scam and its services and offerings seem unrealistic. Also, when traders have some bad experience with the FX broker they usually share their bad experience with other people. Furthermore, it should be said that some reviews might not be true, so you should do additional research and observe some other characteristics and offerings of the FX brokers if you need to spot the real scammer.


Moreover, there are some additional ways to identify scammers in Forex trading. One of the viral things that traders need to know for spotting an FX broker scam, is outrageous profit claims from the broker. Once you go on the FX broker webpage and see the offer that seems unrealistic you should know that the broker is most probably a scammer.


In addition to that, if the broker doesn’t offer live trading data and only allows you to find the performance solely depending on the historical data, you should doubt that this broker is a scammer.


Also, FX brokers usually give you an opportunity to find prior performance information about the company. If the company doesn’t give you access to its historical data and past performances, presumably, the broker is quite new or it’s a scam.


Apart from that, if the broker doesn’t provide traders with the contact information and traders aren’t allowed to contact the brokerage somehow, the broker can be a scammer, and starting trading with this brokerage may lead to the loss of your funds illegally.


What’s more, if the broker asks you to deposit a large amount of money, mostly it can be scammers. As the FX scammer brokers want to illegally acquire more money from the customers, this can be one of the reasons which can support traders to spot the fraud.


If you want to avoid being a victim of a scammer FX broker, you should observe the win/loss ratio of the broker. If this ratio is ridiculously and unrealistically high, it makes you doubt – how the broker is going to get benefits? The main idea behind this is that those types of brokers are usually scammers who want to get money from you illegally. Usually, when an inexperienced trader sees that the broker provides him/her with a high ratio, they are depositing a large amount of money and that’s how the scammer brokers are gaining money from beginner traders.


In addition to that if the broker claims that they have a “secret formula” that supports their clients to implement successful trading in the Forex market, that FX broker is most assumably a scammer. The main reason behind this is that there is no secret formula of FX trading and if there was they wouldn’t reveal it.

How to avoid scammers?

In order to avoid scammers in FX trading, traders need to be patient. In patience, it is meant that investors need to do some research to assure that a certain broker isn’t a scam. Traders can find the reviews and people’s comments about the FX brokerage.


Moreover, one of the best ways not to come across scammer FX brokers is to find a reputable FX broker. As long as the broker is popular among many traders, you can at least be sure that your funds and benefits will be safe.


Also, if you want to avoid scammers in FX trading, you need to check the broker’s background. The background information should be accessible on the company’s website, and if there is not any information, the brokerage is most likely a scammer.


And one of the main things that are worth considering is finding a regulated FX broker. As long as the broker is regulated by some of the reputable regulators, the chances that these brokers are scammers is zero.