How to Start a Sober Living Home in Los Angeles



Depending on what state you live in depends partly on your state laws and city rules and regulations if you plan on opening a halfway house. In Los Angeles, California, quality transitional and sober halfway houses are in demand and sorely needed. There are a few different types of transitional housing in Los Angeles such as,

  • Three-quarter houses embrace sober living homes whose primary goal is to help clients to recover from their substance abuse and transition back to what was once an everyday life without drugs or alcohol.
  • Sober living homes where clients can recover from substance abuse.
  • Halfway houses help their clients with physical and emotional issues and substance abuse issues while the client heals and transitions back into family life, a work routine, and back into society.
  • Programs set up to help people transition back into society are re-entry programs available at a halfway house.

You learn that there are essential things your Los Angeles halfway house must have, such as,

  • Providing structure and guidelines to redevelop responsibility
  • Strict ban on no drugs or alcohol
  • Maintaining cleanliness with cleaning standards and schedules
  • Maintaining curfew hours
  • Shared responsibilities
  • Responsibility to meet mandatory schedules with therapy and house meetings
  • Maintaining night and wake times
  • Maintaining a safe environment
  • Providing random drug testing
  • Providing a well-trained staff
  • Embracing personal accountability
  • Clients continue working with a 12-step sponsor.
  • Teach outside job and school class responsibility to clients
  • Teaching clients how to embrace volunteer work

We are a seasoned company that helps people start halfway houses for specific groups of people. Our expertise is halfway government-run houses, non-profit homes, or privately owned halfway houses. We are seasoned in accessing transitional housing resources and can connect you with these valuable resources.

Even though we are in tune with the prices and fee schedules of halfway houses, we want our clients to embrace the primary reason for starting a halfway house to help you in your endeavors to create a quality halfway house to help give people a second chance to live a successful life.

Some of our services include showing and working with you in setting you a halfway house. We define what sober living is and how a straight living home helps many people who need these services. We teach you that your primary objective is to help the incarcerated person transition. We teach you as an entrepreneur to reach your goal of starting a lucrative sober living home.

Be warned, though, that having a lucrative halfway house should never be your primary reason for starting this journey. Helping humankind in ways sorely needed through halfway homes must always be your primary reason for going this route. Having a lucrative business comes next simply because you must pay your bills and staff and earn a modest living.

There is an endless list of rewarding benefits for halfway house owners, managers, and their clients. Clients need to live at a halfway house after their rehabilitation program ends. By this time, the client has almost won their battle with substance abuse, but not quite. Halfway homes provide to the community a valuable resource and are necessary to assure clients a successful transition back into society.

One of the biggest problems facing America today is the drug problems surrounding most cities across the US. Substance abuse is a significant issue due to the pressure to try illegal drugs. Prescription drugs inadvertently ordered by doctors have become a big problem for patients with chronic pain issues. People innocently get caught up in drugs and need help. After that person completes rehabilitation, that person still needs help to transition back into society, where a halfway house helps.

We educate our clients by defining the differences in halfway houses, such as a halfway or three-quarter house. We describe the differences in profit and not-for-profit homes and help you decide what is best to help you meet your long-term goals. We help you navigate all of your options for financial support, including possible government grants. We help you navigate through all the government paperwork when applying for a grant.

We desire to help you create wealth in real estate and show you how to diversify your investments. We can offer you and help you build a sober living home in Los Angeles in 90-days and set you on a path towards success.

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We cannot help you with your dreams and desires to start a halfway house in Los Angeles until you contact us for more information. We are seasoned at what we do and can answer many of your questions. We work tirelessly to help you realize the highest level of success with your halfway house and become a pillar of your community. Access our halfway house business plan here and contact us today. If you are devoted to the idea of opening a halfway house and want to help a specific populace, we want to hear from you.