How To Stay Healthy At Work: Improving Mental Health


Better mental health at work is something we can all benefit from and something often lacking. Here are some great tips to accomplish it.


  1. Make the most/best out of your lunch break

Turning the precious half/one hour allocated for lunch break into something positive and relaxing is beneficial for your mental health. You can do this by:

–           Take a picnic: Take some time in the summer sun and clean air outdoors with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy your food outdoors too.

–           Hold group activities: Taking a friend or two outdoors and doing something together, such as walking outside, guerrilla gardening, or even organize a game of football is a great way to re-energize for the afternoon session.

–           Participate in local sponsored challenges: Taking part in local sponsored marathons and walks provide an excellent way to keep the heart pumping and good health. It is even more fun signing up for the same with colleagues and friends at work. Participating in community activities not only challenges your system but also keeps the mind fresh.



  1. Whistle as you work

Listening to calming music when stressed, or working on a challenging task, can help relax the mind and improve focus. Research also shows that quiet and slow music reduces anxiety while encouraging relaxation. Having your earphones on, listening to soothing music, and whistling as you go about your tasks blocks away noises from bleeping phones, machinery, and any other distractions around you. Blocking most of these distractions enables you to concentrate on improving your productivity while reducing stress levels.


Listening to the music you love as you work is more than a reward for your brain. It also acts as an added motivation to what you do, and especially when working under pressure.


  1. Get the right work-life balance right

There are times when you want to clock a few more minutes, an hour or two, just to complete the tasks at hand. Although the overtime gives you some time to meet deadlines, the long hours aren’t good for your health. For starters, putting in more hours at work means less time at home. These can take a toll on your life if not addressed on time. Lack of family time and sleep affects not only your brain health, but also productivity, concentration, and overall health.


To avoid getting caught up at work;

  1. Create a defined boundary between work and home

Leave for home as soon as work time is over. If possible, take some of the work home, then designate a place where you can work on these. While it will be easier this way, create time for relaxation and family as well.

  1. Have a To-Do list

Create a to-do list once home after work, make sure you do everything on the list the following day, review the list, then create another one for the next day. This should help deviate your thoughts from work.


  1. Learn to rewind on your way back home

Taking the few minutes or hour to relax on your way from work is good for your health as well. You could use this time to read a novel, listen to some music, or simply watch people outside. Consider alighting a few meters from your house, then walk from there. This is good for your heart and brain health as well.


  1. Ask for help

Taking time to discuss a challenging task with a supervisor, or asking for help when overwhelmed with work is healthy too. Do not let workloads spiral out of control when you could have asked for a hand. Have a colleague help when possible, or seek advice from the relevant members of the staff.


Follow these tips for a healthier mind and body. Doing this should improve your productivity and health.