How To Tell If A Prospective Candidate Is Right For The Job


Anyone who has ever been in charge of a business will tell you that one of the more challenging elements is knowing who to hire and why you should hire them. The whole recruitment process is fraught with difficulties, and it’s the kind of thing that you sort of have to learn as you go along. It is certainly not a straightforward case of picking the person who you intuitively feel is the best for the job – you have to be quite thorough about the whole thing. In this post, we’ll look at how you can tell if a prospective candidate is likely going to be the right one for the job.

Demonstrating Skills


There is an age-old debate in the recruitment industry: are skills more or less important than experience? In fact, they amount to pretty much the same thing. If someone has the necessary skills, then that means they have the right degree of experience. But you would generally not prefer someone with lots of ‘experience’ who has not managed to develop enough skills, would you? So, ask questions that you know only a skilled individual would be able to answer, and that way you should be able to determine whether or not they have the right skills for the job.


Knowledge Of Industry


Whatever industry you happen to be operating in, you are always going to benefit greatly if you manage to hire people who know a great deal about that industry. That doesn’t mean you should never hire fresh-faced individuals, but if you largely fit out your team with people who really know the world you work in, that is going to be a huge help in so many ways. As such, you will want to check with their knowledge of industry and make sure that it is sufficient. A good heads-up on this is if you have found them through a Linked Industries Recruitment service, where they will have already vetted them for this specific issue.

Caring About The Job


Ultimately, you want to hire someone who wants to work for you. That might sound obvious, but you are going to have to sift through so many people who are merely looking for any old job and don’t really care about fulfilling the specific role you are looking to have filled. Because of that, you need to try and determine that they really do care about the job. This is mostly a case of watching them carefully for how they behave, and you should be able to tell whether or not they are genuinely passionate this way. This is in fact one of the reasons that interviews are quite so important. Be sure you are only hiring people who really want the job you have posted.


If you can follow these essential things in your recruitment process, you are more likely to end up with a whole team who are all right for their roles. That will bode very well for the future of the business.