How To Treat Potential Clients Flying In For Business


No matter what kind of business you run, there’s a chance that at some point or another you will have potential clients that want to come and see what you and your business are all about. Whether you’re hoping that they will invest in your company, or you’re trying to convince them to invest more money into your business, it’s important that you make their stay as easy and as luxurious as possible, and not just concentrate on the business side of things. So, to make your life easier, we’ve come up with some great tips on how to treat potential clients flying in for business.

Put them up in lavish accommodation

If you want to really impress your potential clients or investors, then it’s a good idea to spend a little more on their accommodation. While there are hotels about that are perfectly reputable, putting them up in a furnished apartment instead will definitely tick a lot of boxes. Not only will they see that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them, but their stay will be just that little bit more comfortable. Many serviced and furnished apartments in NYC, for example, have staff on hand in the building to help cater to your every need. An apartment that feels more like home with every need catered to versus a hotel room? It’s a no-brainer really!


Pick them up from the airport

One of the worst parts about travelling is getting from home to the airport, and from the airport to your destination. While you may not be able to control what happens on their side of the turf, you can make your clients lives easier by picking them up from the airport. Alternatively, you could hire a car and a driver to collect them and take them to their accommodation. Doing this will save them time, money and most importantly, unnecessary stress. If you’re unable to hire a car and a driver, it might be a good idea to look for airport shuttles to help your clients get to their destination with ease.

Don’t let them lift a finger

Speaking of stress, the last thing that your potential investors want to do is have to worry about arranging things during their stay, so make their lives easier by arranging little details like this for them:

  • A laundry service if they’re staying for a significant amount of time.
  • Places to eat. Make reservations for you to all meet and chat over dinner.
  • Put together a useful handbook about where they’re staying. Perhaps they may want to spend a few evenings in their own company, and if they aren’t familiar with where you live, an information handbook will help them navigate around.
  • Give them your number to call at any time if they need anything to make their stay more comfortable, and follow through.
  • Have a car or taxi service on hand to pick them up should they wish to go anywhere during their stay.

Wow them with your business plans

It’s important to remember that they are here for a reason: to see what you’ve got to offer and whether they are interested in investing, or a continued investment in your company. Make sure that in the lead up to your clients visiting that you’re preparing a presentation and statistics that they simply cannot refuse. You need to show them that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, and that you’re going to continue doing so in the future. It’s also imperative that you give them a good reason to invest their money, other than the return they are going to get too. Perhaps you could come up with some benefits that they will receive from your company such as a discount on products.

Do something unexpected

Finally, while business is the sole reason for your client’s visit, it’s important to spend some time getting to know each other, especially as you’re in hope for a long-term business relationship. Arrange nights out for you to enjoy together such as the theatre. A great way of impressing clients is by doing something that they aren’t expecting, so why not take your clients to do something that’s going to blow their minds such as paintballing, ice-skating, or even bowling.


The more comfortable and enjoyable that you make their experience is going to contribute to their likeliness of investing in your company. So, nail that on the head alongside a kick-ass presentation, and you will find that you’re much more likely to land your clients!