How to Turn Social Media into Sales Generation Tool


Over the years, social media marketing has become crucial for businesses, globally. From real-time customer engagement, advertising promotional offers, generating leads to actual conversions, social media has become the be-all and end-all of all businesses.


Here are eight ways to propel sales via various social media platforms:


#1. Post often


Yes, there are experts who might disagree with this point. Their point of contention would be that there are special days and special times to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. And that you cannot post any random stuff, on any random time or day.


However, the fact is, in case you are a start-up or has just started building your social media pages, the frequency of your posts is vital. Because the more you post, the more customers you tend to attract.


If people aren’t talking about your over-the-top posting habits then you are not posting enough, I would say. And, in case you think people might get pissed off seeing your posts, then don’t you worry. Just remember: People who quit following you aren’t your audience in the first place.



# 2. Post as an Expert


Posting often matters when you are in the initial days of building your follower count. Regardless of your posting patterns, the only thing that you need to bear in mind is that you need to post authority content. In other words, content that gets you labeled as an expert in your field is what you should target at. And this can include expert tips, special industry insights, how to’s and more. Simply put, slip into the experts’ shoes and see what an expert in your field will deliver. And, you do just same.


#3. Platforms to Post

If you are running a B2C business then social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest should be on your radar. And, if you are running a B2B business, LinkedIn should be your platform of choice.


Nonetheless, do take special care that you don’t simply post product images on Instagram. Social media platforms are all about engagement. So, it’s very important to present products in an interesting way. Displaying an assortment of images that appeal to the lifestyle of the end-user definitely helps when it comes to Instagram.

As for Linkedin, it is a more professional networking environment. So, use it to connect with people of big corporations interested in your product or service.


In the case of Twitter, you can use it for all sorts of sales.


No matter what you do on social media, always remember these channels should be typically used for listening to customers and not broadcasting your messages. Simply listen to their concerns and see if you can solve them. Check out GoodFirms research report for the latest on social media trends.



#4. Find People Akin to your Clients  


For this, you can carry on research on social networking sites directly or you can use a tool like to find people who are talking about you or your industry and are using words pertaining to your industry.


Once you have zeroed down your prospective customers, start following them and use all possible means to engage with them as well. Write a comment on their posts, answer their questions, share their posts and so on.


By engaging with them you are in a way inspiring them to follow you back.


But then be warned: A follow back doesn’t mean that you are free to carpet bomb them with pitches. Rather, use this opportunity to go through their profiles, know their needs and then fulfill them.

However, you need to remember that you need to connect with your prospective customers privately, through chats and emails.



#5. Build Relationships over Leads

Sales are more about relationships than leads. After all good relationships lead to sales. And with so much of data available online these days, it’s easier to piggyback on it, to communicate with customers at a personal level.


Once you have bonded with the customer, you can inform them about your product and services and how they could use them.

#6. Offer Coupons

People are always on a look out for bargains all through the year and especially during holidays. Such customers could be lured to buying your product via coupon codes. However, before the customer takes the benefit of coupon code, see that he becomes your follower and has liked your Facebook page. This will not only increase your Facebook follower count but attract more customers to your site. For more tips and tricks you can consult top social media companies.



#7. Flash Sales

Flash sales are a sure-fire way to attract more traffic to your social media pages and website. Announce your flash sales across all social media platforms that too way before you plan to host them. Nope, don’t reveal the date until the nth moment. This will help build tempo and, more importantly, people will continuously start flocking your website and social media pages for the latest updates, to find out when is sale actually taking place.


Flash sales tend to drive heavy traffic to your site. Be prepared!




#8. Announce Giveaways

Giveaways generate leads. However, make sure that your customers fill up the sign-up form before they qualify for the giveaways. Also, offer them a free newsletter as an added incentive. This will not only help them win a lovely gift, but the newsletter thing will offer them more exposure to your company.



Wrapping Up


Undoubtedly, social media platforms are more about customer engagement. However, these platforms are evolving into popular lead generation tools as well as it is here that customers love to hang out more and more. So, if you are interested in building your brand and business, start investing time on social media.



Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, staff writer at GoodFirms – a review and research platform for top ecommerce development companies, digital marketing companies, web development companies among many others. A bookworm at heart, I have successfully guest blogged for top sites such as Crazyegg, Semrush, Searchenginepeople, Sitepronews,, Socialnomics, jeffbullas, mediapost among others.