How to Use Digital Shopping Centre Advertising to Drive More Business


When you are developing your marketing strategy for your business, you will likely be considering which advertising avenues to explore. While online advertising is a popular choice, there are growing issues that have caused frustration for some advertisers. This is why tapping into your customers directly is far more effective. Here is how to use digital shopping centre advertising to drive more business.

Online Advertising Versus Out-of-Home

Many companies utilise online advertising through streaming networks and bloggers, however, this has started to become problematic because of the use of ad blocking software.

Sites such as YouTube and websites have been hit the hardest and make it difficult for advertisers to get their products and services in front of customers.

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has advantages over online advertising because it cannot be blocked or turned off.

While OOH can become annoying for customers trying to watch their streaming services, many do not mind the OOH displays they see while they are out.

Creating Relevant Ads for the Environment

With shopping centre advertising, there is the potential to reach a large number of people over the course of a day.

Usually, shopping centres have multiple displays that are either OOH or digital out-of-home (DOOH). Both of these are effective at attracting the attention of customers, though DOOH does have some advantages.

DOOH can be adapted quickly to the changing environment and even over the course of a day. When there is a sale in one of the retail units, you can target that store for your advertising, so people know to visit.

You can also attract people to visit your online store if they cannot find what they need in the shopping centre.

Tracking People Who Have Looked at Your Ad


Another advantage of using DOOH displays is they are capable of tracking who is looking and interacting with them.

GPS, Wifi and cameras can see when someone looks at the display and for how long. This can also be used to measure the traffic going past the display every day. This can be considerable in some of the larger shopping centres.

You can then use this data to see how many of those that looked at your ad, visited your website or store.

By using displays like these and collecting the data, you can target specific people and see the effectiveness of the campaign.

Engaging With Your Customers

One of the best parts of DOOH is that you can engage with your customers in more ways than ever before.

With the rise in social media, you can now use hashtags to share content and ask for opinions on a new product or service.

They can also be used to start conversations on social media or use opinion polls to gauge your customers preferences.


So, how to use digital shopping centre advertising to drive more business? The answer is by learning who will be visiting these shopping centres and engaging with them. Use the interactive nature of these displays to target your audience and get them looking at your products and visiting your website.