How to Use Facebook Live for Your Ecommerce Business


With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has the most extensive reach of all social media platforms. Over the years, the social media site has rolled out multiple tools and features to help businesses connect with their audiences. An example of this is the Facebook Live feature, which enables Facebook users to broadcast live videos from their internet-enabled devices.

While this feature may seem daunting, especially if you have little to no experience creating video content, it carries many benefits for ecommerce businesses. With it, you can forge new relationships with your audience, strengthen already existing relationships, and connect with them on a very personal level. In this article, you will discover how to use Facebook Live for your business and leverage its advantages.

Provide Content to Your Audience

Instead of a blog post, an infographic, or an ebook, you can use Facebook Live to provide your audience content. You can teach them how to do something or give a demo that describes a process. You can share tips and tricks aimed at helping them accomplish tasks easily and quickly. Ensure that your content is relatable, and use it to entertain your audience.

Engage Your Audience On a Personal Level

You can connect more to your audience on a personal level by sharing some things that would have been nigh impossible to share before. Provide them with a glimpse of your daily routine and show them how you render your services or create your products. If you want to get even more personal, tell them about yourself, your workers, and the motivation behind your business.

Host Live Q&A Sessions

You can further connect to your audience by hosting Q&A sessions on your Facebook Live. Set a day and time to entertain their questions and provide answers in real-time. Give your audience the chance to learn more about you when you answer their questions. Put a personal touch to this and make them feel special by calling out the name of the person who asked a question before you answer it. This will serve the extra purpose of letting them know it is their question you are answering. You can also make it fun and engaging by asking them some questions in return. This will help you to gain feedback and insights into their wants and needs.

Host a Talk Show

Several businesses have been using Facebook Live as a talk show platform where they invite guest speakers to share their experiences and expertise. You can also do the same. Select a new topic each week and bring people to discuss it, or talk about it on your own. If you intend to amass a loyal following for such an event, be consistent, and have a set schedule for it.


The Facebook Live feature presents you with an opportunity to consolidate your relationship with your customers and gain new ones. You can use Facebook Live to drive engagement and improve your ecommerce business in a myriad number of ways. With the above tips, you will be able to leverage this feature and grow your ecommerce business and get the best out of your Facebook marketing endeavors.