How to Use Video Ads to Get More Sales


There are a multitude of techniques for generating sales online. But the quickest way is running ads. Anyone can run ads and generate sales within a day, even if they don’t have an audience. Of course, your ROAS (return on ad spend) from the ads will depend on how well you run your ads. 

One way to ensure you get a better ROAS from your ads is by using videos as several studies have shown that video ads get more clicks and generate more sales

Therefore, here’s a complete guide to using video ads to get more sales…

Create Empathy Maps, Market Maps, and Personas:

One of the keys to creating ads on any platform is to understand the audience. If you understand your audience you will create an ad video they want to watch, a well-optimized funnel to compliment it and you will be able to set better ad targets. 

So, do a lot of research to understand them. Start off, by conducting surveys and interviews to learn about your audience and their interests. Then create empathy maps based on this data to understand your audience on an emotional level. You can then create personas. 

These two will give you a better understanding of who your audience is and the type of videos and copy you need to create to grab their attention and take action. 

Another thing you might want to create is a market map. This will help you decide what targeting settings to use. 

Set up a Funnel With a Video Sales Letter (VSL):

When your aim is to generate sales, it isn’t just about the ad, it’s also about the landing pages and funnels the ads lead to. Your video should complement it. This is why I recommend that you get your video to resemble your landing page. So, decide beforehand what type of video you are going to create and then create the landing page around this design. 

For example, one of the best types of videos to increase conversions are product demo video, also make sure to use the same color palettes, fonts, and other details you plan to use in the video, in your landing page as well. 

Another option would be to just add a video to your landing page that is a longer version of the video you plan to use in your ads. 

Create a Video That Compliments the Funnel:

After the landing page is set up you can create a video that resembles the landing page. This can seem complicated, but there are several good video making software that make it easy to set this up. 

Also, make sure you create a thumbnail for this video. As some advertising platforms show the thumbnail instead of the video to users. A good attractive thumbnail can get you more clicks and views. You should be able to set up one quickly with a good image editor and background remover

Some video makers also let you create thumbnails, so you might not need to use extra tools. 

Create New Versions:

The successful media buyers constantly test out different versions of their ads to check which one generates the highest ROAS. This is why you should create different versions of the videos, thumbnails, and the copy you plan to use and pit them against each other to see which one generates the highest return. Try to create three to five versions at least. 

Launch Ads:

Once you create the different versions, you can launch the ads and test them out. In the beginning, you can start a budget of $5 to $10 per day for each ad. You can do this for a week or two. This will help find your winner. 

When you are testing ads only focus on retargeting as these ads usually generate the highest ROAS and you won’t lose too much money from your experiment. 

Scale Ads:

Once you find the winner, you can scale results with it. In the beginning, you can just use retargeting, but after you exhaust them, you can create lookalike audiences that target a larger audience. 

But don’t stop with experimentation here. Instead, continue to create newer versions of the winner and test different versions and targeting options to see which one generates the best results. 

You might also want to compare ad performance by platform and keep investing money into other upcoming platforms to see which one gets the best results. You should be targeting your audience on 3 to 5 platforms at least for a more unified approach as people these days use multiple networks. 


This is how you use video ads to get more sales. It requires a lot more work than a static image or text ad, but the ROAS will make it worth your while.