How To Use YouTube To Increase Your Business Audience


Video is a very powerful medium. It can work much more effectively than text or even images when trying to tell a story. This is why Youtube marketing is a must when you are trying to increase your business audience. When you consider that Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google then it becomes clear that if a business is not using the platform it is missing out.

There are some keys that have to be considered to make proper use of the platform, however. The reason is that you can’t just throw together a channel and expect it to perform. You’ll need to understand how to use the Youtube banner template to make good thumbnails and how to craft a message that resonates with your audience. 

Create the right content

Your audience is going to expect a certain type of content otherwise they are not going to watch your channel and your efforts will be in vain. It would be as if a comedian were to post daily stock prices instead of humorous content. The idea is that you have to understand what your audience wants and then provide them with the content they expect. 

If you are running a B2B type of channel then it is essential to make content about the things that the business you are targeting finds important. It could be ways to make sure they are compliant if you are an accounting firm, for instance. If the content matches their needs then they will watch, subscribe, and eventually convert into a customer. 

Think about the sales funnel and create videos that will work for every stage of the funnel so you can get the audience for every stage. If you only focus on one stage with the type of content specifically for that stage then you risk them never progressing to the point that they become a lead or a customer. 

Optimize your content

It pays to understand that Youtube is a search engine since it can then help you understand how to get seen. Most SEO strategies apply since you are trying to get to the top of the search results when somebody types in the keywords that are relevant to your business. 

Make sure to use those keywords and the related keywords several times in the video so the algorithm can pick up what the video is about. Use good thumbnails and video titles to increase the click-through rate.

Know your goals

Before you get started creating content it is important to understand your goals so that you can make sure the content matches what you want to happen. If you are looking to grow a brand then the content needs to tell a story that will help people understand what you are about. To get people to become solid leads then you need to create content that promotes them to sign up for an informative white paper or something similar.