How To Vacation on a Budget


At the risk of stating the obvious, taking a time out from our everyday life is essential for our wellbeing.

Importance of Taking a Vacation

A vacation does not only serve as a refreshment, but it is also a chance for a clean slate and maybe even a breakthrough. If you want to be healthy and happy, you can afford to skip it. 

Boost creativity

By getting away from all the pressure, you get to think big and outside the box. By relaxing, you actually get to unleash your inner creativity.

Prevent burnout

If you skip on taking regular vacations, not only will your productivity suffer but you risk a complete shut-down if you overburden your system. Your body is your temple, and you need to take care of it. Your mind needs a break from time to time. If you snap at someone, it means you’re long due for a vacation. You know that you when it is time to switch off.

Gaining a perspective

As useful as your daily routine is, it can also be your biggest enemy. On one hand, a routine gives you control over your time and empowers you to accomplish your goals. On the other hand, it keeps you so busy that it makes it easy to forget that there is life outside of your comfort zone. Everything worthwhile is found outside our comfort zones so you need to take a vacation to review your life as there are many different paths leading to a happy and fulfilled life.

Quality time with loved ones

Our jobs and everyday stress often get in the way of us enjoying our loved ones. Often, we also take them for granted and that is the worst thing that can happen. No one is to blame as just wanting to go to sleep as soon as you get home is normal when you are worn out. But to make sure your relationships don’t suffer, you need to make time for them.

It gives you something to look forward to

Life is too short for it to be only about business, mortgages and expenses. A good life needs you to achieve a healthy work and fun balance.

Connect with yourself

At the end of the day, the person who you get to spend all of your life with is yourself. You cannot risk losing that connection.


Budget-Friendly Vacation Tips

Exploring new places does not have to cost a fortune. All you need is a strategy.

Make a plan

Although spontaneity is lovely, you cannot afford it even you need a budget-friendly vacation. Leaving less to chance means less unexpected expenses.

Choose dates wisely

Traveling out of season means getting cheaper airplane tickets, hotel bookings and overall travelling expenses.

Be savvy

Choose an AirBnB over a hotel or even better, reach out to friends or distant cousins.

Earn money during your trip

You can be a skiing instructor, a tourist guide or just be a freelancer as you travel. You can blog next to the seaside. With your laptop and wifi alone, the opportunities are endless.


How To Plan and Save for Your Vacation

No matter what you have in mind for your next trip, you don’t want it to have an adverse impact to your finances. Whatever is your budget, saving money can never hurt you.

Look for ways to save money around the house

Install energy-friendly devices such as energy-efficient light bulbs that use much less energy and therefore reduce your electricity bill. Double your savings by adopting energy-saving habits such as washing your clothes in cold water and unplugging your devices when they are not in use.  You can save even more money by price comparison shopping. If you find a better utility rate, you can save significant amount of money by making an electricity switch to a more affordable provider.

Trim your grocery expenses

Replace kale for chard and make it delicious with the help of a ton of online recipes and free YouTube tutorials. Stick to cooking with the ingredients as opposed to buying finished meals. Use coupons and buy in bulks.

Monetize your strengths

If you’re an eloquent writer, get paid for writing articles via Upwork. If you have a head for numbers, give math classes. If people admire your style, sell your personal shopping advice. With some luck, your hobby can turn into additional income.


Time away from work and everything that goes with it such as to-do lists is essential for our health. Taking the time to reset and recharge will make you more productive as it is the fuel you need to succeed and achieve your goals. Although your vacation savings campaign might require some sacrifices, you can explore new places without breaking the bank.