How To Write Exciting Content For ‘Boring’ Industries



It is no secret that content is at the heart of digital marketing. Content helps you grow your audience and engage your community. It positions you as a leader in your field and inspires trust and loyalty. It allows you to extend your reach and target your audience. Once you’ve grown a community, it helps you redefine the conversation and change opinions. It helps you shape opinion in your favour and alter customer behaviour. Content is a very powerful tool. It can grow your business faster than traditional marketing, with targeted results.


But, what if you work in a ‘boring’ industry? How do you produce content about wood products, tools or business consulting, for example? These are not your typically ‘exciting’ content topics. There is no obvious link to creating ‘viral’ content. Does that mean that content doesn’t matter to your industry? Quite simply, no, it makes it more important than ever. It’s your job to find an exciting way to frame the conversation. Find innovative and unique ways to create content in your field. Here’s how.


Think in terms of emotional themes


People respond to emotional content. We love and share inspiring stories. We love ideas that change people’s lives or help them for the better. Going for an emotional connection is the best way to get people’s attention. It shows that what you are doing has a wider purpose. It shows that your industry is important, vital and powerful. It’s your job to get that across. Let’s take the example of medical supplies. Not very exciting on its own, no-one will read a lengthy article on the pros and cons of a blood monitor. However, turn this into an inspiring piece on how it changed the life of a diabetic.


Look for how your product or service changes lives. Look for the bigger picture and the emotional connection. That’s how you draw readers in and gain exposure. That’s how you generate sharing and virality.




No matter how boring the topic, if you intrigue us and tease us, we will click on it! You’ll have noticed the huge number of articles online that have titles such as: “You’ll never believe how this one small thing changed my life forever”. You can’t help but click on it! Ensure that the payoff is worth the intrigue and you’ll hook plenty of new readers. This can help you gain attention for a business event or new product.


Make it informative


Sometimes, you don’t have to be funny, or inspiring, or exciting. Sometimes, people are just looking for answers. That’s where you come in. Provide a solution for someone before they’ve bought your product or service and you’ll hook them in. Providing information and answers positions you as an expert in your field. People trust experts and knowledge. If you can solve a small problem, you can guarantee they’ll come back to you for more.


Tell stories


Think about how you can frame your content in a real life story. People love real life tales that are inspiring and passionate. You’ve got to sell your product through aspiration. That’s the true key to content creation. For example, let’s take a look at one particular industry sector. Let’s say that you have an office to rent. Rather than using content to describe the service you provide, use a story to sell a dream. Tell us how a small startup made their first million through hard work, tears and blood. Tell us about the sleepless nights and terrifying capital pitches before it all paid off. Tell us how it all started with the rental of a small office. Tell us that we could follow in the footsteps of a millionaire and that it all starts with an office. Don’t sell the product, sell the aspiration, sell the dream.


Spark debate


Even in the most niche industries, you will find die hard fans and users. The best way to make your mark and stand out is by making bold statements. Be controversial and spark debate. Get people talking and make sure they know that it’s you behind the debate. Why is your way of thinking so much more powerful than another? How has this controversial technique made you better? Get people arguing. You’ll grow loyal supporters and increase awareness of your brand. More importantly, it will elevate your position as a leader and tastemaker in the field.




People respond much better to images and visuals than the written word. We can digest it quickly and pass it on. In the digital world, it’s all about capturing people’s attention quickly and hooking them. A good image or visual can achieve that. One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is the infographic. It can turn complex, boring data into intriguing graphs and annotations. We like to see information displayed easily and in a way we understand. Infographics are proven winners in this area. If you’ve got a ton of dense information and statistic, try creating something visual.


Repurpose content from others


When you are stuck for ideas, look towards your peers. If they’ve created a great piece of content, take inspiration from them. You could even share their work with your community. Even if they are a close rival, this is a good idea. It shows that you are embedded in the community. It elevates your position and makes you appear knowledgeable and trustworthy. Take their ideas and put your own twist on it. Find a new angle that works for your product and your unique selling point.


Create your own voice


Most important of all, create a unique voice and tone for your content. Whatever the subject matter, you can set yourself apart with the right voice. Find a unique way to tell stories, find a different voice to describe your product. That’s what shines through in a saturated world of content.

There are unique and exciting content opportunities for every industry. No matter how ‘boring’ your sector may seem, there is always a new angle. It’s up to you to find it! Use these techniques to create compelling and powerful content that will grow your business.