How You Can Properly Choose a Provider of AV Equipment for Your Event



The right AV equipment provider can mean a world of difference for your event, whether you are planning a small meeting between investors and stockholders or a big business conference or trade show or even a concert or other entertainment event. But the problem with choosing the right AV equipment provider is that there are so many of them out there, making your choices a bit overwhelming, and how can you really differentiate a good provider of AV equipment from one who will not only give you mediocre choices but a poor service as well? What does it really take to choose the best AV equipment provider for your event? Here’s how you can properly select a provider: your best guide.


1. Know exactly what you need


The first thing is this: you have to know exactly what you need. Before you even make a list of AV companies and begin speaking to them, you should first know what you require for your event. You don’t even have to know any specific piece of equipment, product, or technology – all you need to know is what results you want. You can, for instance, tell the provider the number of microphones you require, the size of your audience, the kind of presentations your speakers will give, and so on. This can then help your provider determine the right equipment that will meet your goals and expectations. 


You can help yourself along by listing down some specifics. For instance, will you have presentations at your event? If you will, do you need your AV equipment provider to run them as well? Additionally, would you like your event speakers to make use of tie-clip or lapel microphones? Will you require roving microphones? How about stage sets? Are you planning to record some segments of the event or the entire event itself? By knowing the answers to specific details, you can choose the best kind of AV equipment provider. 


2. Does your event venue already have equipment? Is it enough?


If your event venue already has the equipment you need, this can save you some money since it usually comes with the rate. But make sure to ask your event venue about the details and inclusions, and if you can, ask them to show you any in-house sound and projection systems. You should also check the kind of support your event venue will have on-site, especially on the day itself. An AV hire company working alongside you should be happy to integrate this equipment and fit it around their own systems, which can help you save more money as well.


3. Think about accessibility and access 

Needless to say, it will definitely take time to install, set up, and check and test your AV equipment, and as a rule of thumb, bigger venues will need more equipment and time to set up this equipment. When you are booking your event venue, make sure you have enough time available prior to the event and afterwards for the setting up as well as dismantling of equipment, and when you are conferring with your AV equipment supplier, let them know what time you need them to be there. A good company will find a way to ensure proper timing and will be forthcoming regarding the time and access they need.