How You Can Start Choosing Quality Over Quantity In Your Small Business



It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of more. More sales, more customers, more growth, more profit. What often gets lost in the “More Strategy” is quality, and that’s the key ingredient that leads to more lasting success. Here’s how you can start choosing quality over quantity in your small business.


Seek The Best Employees

Quality in business begins with choosing quality people. Here are some qualities to look for as you search for exceptional employees.



  • Honesty and integrity. Call their references to check the information on their work history.


  • Innovative ideas and solutions. Ask for a story about a time they used a fresh perspective to solve a problem.


  • Self-awareness. Someone who can tell you where they excel and where they don’t is a great asset.


  • A personality that fits well with your existing team.


  • The ability to prioritize. You’re seeking quality, so they need to identify which tasks are high-value.



If you want to find quality people quickly, consider letting a company that specializes in the best recruitment marketing tactics lead your search. They’ll help you stand out to the kind of applicants you want and eliminate the ones you don’t.




Have Fewer Products Or Services

You’re building your brand on a promise of quality, so focus on becoming the best in each area before you move on to a new one.


  • Start with a small line of products or services so you can fully master them.


  • Work out all the bugs, design a marketing campaign, and see how they do. Don’t move on until those products or services are selling well and have proven to be high-quality.


  • Your customers will appreciate your time and attention to detail. Which makes it more likely they’ll support your next project.



It can be tempting to rush to achieve higher growth. But that growth won’t last if it’s built on faulty goods.


Do Less Online

Quality over quantity is often accompanied by the phrase “less is more,” and that’s very true when it comes to the internet. It’s better to create less content and have it be high quality than to create more content and have it miss the mark. Here’s how to make less do more online.



  • Invest in quality web design. Your website should be informative, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.


  • Choose the social media platforms that are the best for marketing to your target audience. You don’t need a page on every site in existence, just on the ones that will help you.


  • Create quality content for those social media accounts. Professional-looking photos, well-produced videos of appropriate length, and entertaining posts that show your lighter side.


  • Make fewer posts about selling. If all your followers see from you is “buy my product!” they’ll tune out. Post content that’s relevant to what you do, but isn’t directly selling.



The internet is the best tool we have for selling, but it has to be used properly to be effective.



Aim For Repeat Customers

It is far easier to retain an existing customer than to find a new one. That’s why it’s so important to build customer relationships that are based on quality. Here’s what you can do to focus on keeping customers for life by creating high-quality experiences.

  • Keep your promises and honor guarantees.


  • Be accessible. Don’t make your customers call three times just to get help.


  • Reward your repeat customers with promotional offers or gifts.


  • Train and treat your customer service agents well so they can pass it on.



The real goal of building your business on quality is to create repeat customers. Treat them well, and they’ll help you succeed.



Your customers don’t care how many other customers you have. They care about the quality of your service, that’s what keeps them coming back. Employ these tactics now to start choosing quality over quantity in your small business and guarantee more of what matters: success.