Hugh Hefner: King of the Iconic Playboy Mansion and Founder of Playboy Magazine Dies at Age 91

Contributors: Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi
Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty 

Born Hugh Marston Hefner on April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Grace Caroline and Glenn Lucius Hefner, died of natural causes on Wednesday, Sept 27th, 2017.

The king of all kings when it comes to naughty magazines and arguably more superior to very well-known Mr. Larry Flynt, was said to have passed peacefully amongst his loved ones in his beautiful home we all know by the name, playboy mansion.

It is such a sad moment in history and I say that heartfelt and with a lump in my throat and tear in my eye. Huge has been a huge part of all of our lives from birth it feels. I mean, 91 years of age is almost a millennium, most of us will never live to see a fraction of what his eyes have graced upon. Think about that for a minute and ask yourself, have I know a life without Hugh? The answer is 99% NO!


As some know, Hefner’s health has been on a serious downhill slope the past year or so. Hence the reason you have not seen him in the limelight for quite some time.

Playboy Magazine founded in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe gracing the first cover is what full-throated Huge into the cultural phenomenon we all know him as today. It was actually the stepping stone used to build the playboy mansion, which in return blessed us with the legendary parties Hefner through so often.

Hefner left behind four amazing children,  Cooper HefnerChristie HefnerMarston HefnerDavid Hefner with Cooper taking the role in 2016 as chief editor of playboy. So it’s safe to say the magazine and legacy will live on. Hugh is also survived by his wife Crystal Hefner an American model, DJ, and television personality.

In the end we all have to go, but it’s how we live our dash and what we leave behind what truly counts. Hugh Hefner will be remembered as an amazing father, wonderful husband, influential entrepreneur who was willing to take enormous risk for success and just that really cool intellectual god like figure who taught us all how rock silk pajamas.

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