Ideas to Restart Customer Loyalty


Businesses have been through a lot of unexpected closures and restrictions. Predictably, this has had a severe effect on customer-client relationships and customer loyalty. Of course, it’s nobody’s fault so there is no reason why your business can’t get its customers back. However, once people start following new routines, it can be challenging to get them to change back. The situation can work in your favour because people are re-establishing routines. But your first thought should be to your regulars. Regular customers are the lifeblood of many businesses, and it is essential to have them return, but you might have to try some new things to get their attention. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Change Things Up a Little. Since everything has changed anyway, maybe you should take the opportunity to make some modifications. Most customers like to see things change from time to time. You might change the décor or introduce a new product. Restaurants and pubs can come up with a new menu, with fresh features, like new drinks. You might want to do a little research to figure out the best beer in Sydney. Even subtle changes, like a fresh coat of paint, or a change of signage, might just be the thing to make your old regulars curious about what is new.
  • Reward Customers for Coming Through the Door: One successful strategy you see used from time to time is giveaways or discounts that are awarded at the door. People love free things, and they love prizes too. A prize wheel is always fun; give it a spin and see what you get. The quality of the prizes is not as important as the appeal of winning. Or you might want to have a sale for your in-person customers only. Because it is likely your online customers are still with you. It is most important to fill those seats again.
  • Get in Touch: If you have a way to contact your customers, either through an email or mail address. You might want to try an ad campaign that offers some incentive for coming back. But even just getting your name in front of them again will have an effect. Try to avoid the phone calls, though. Robo and spam calls are not going to make you any friends.
  • Social Media: Starting a social media campaign is another way to get your old customers to remember you again. You might want to combine this with a google ad campaign to drive traffic to your site. Social Media is the most potent free-to-use service for getting exposure there is. But make sure you get the right people to oversee the campaign.

One more thing you should consider is the strategies that worked before. Go back to your roots and think about past successes. Whatever you choose to do, be positive, and be consistent. The world may have changed a little in the last while. But the principles of business and customer relations haven’t. Your customers are still out there. It could be an opportunity to get rid of some worn out traditions and focus on what you do best.