Identifying 3 Things that Can Hurt Your Brand


Establishing a brand is difficult enough but maintaining it is even harder. You have put all the work in and you have been working for years, but what if things started to go sideways? There are many reasons why a business can lose money and customers such as the economy, funding issues and viral pandemics.

When your business starts to fail, it could be serious and closure may be imminent, however, most of the time there are specific reasons for business failure, such as:

  • Wrong consultants
  • Poor marketing
  • Not engaging

It is vital that you hire a consultancy firm that specializes in your field while a mismanaged marketing campaign can be disastrous and the modern world almost demands that you engage with potential and loyal customers alike.

Get the Best Advice

Almost every industry goes through changes and it might just be the case that you have found it difficult to keep up with the changing market, current trends and where your sector is heading. That’s where a consultancy firm comes in.

There are many, many consulting firms around and each industry has its standout experts, like Tracy Eberly of Fang Consulting, the CEO of a professional medical advice company. Finding your authorized experts is an essential part of formulating a strategy to rebuild your business.

It’s not enough to just hire any firm though and since any of them would be more than happy to take your money, not all of them might be the best choice. For example, you might come across a firm that boasts about handling multi-billion dollar clients and you think, “well, that sounds good”. Chances are, you aren’t a multi-billion dollar company so your business will require a different approach.

The best advice is to shop around and find a firm that resonates with your industry, your company’s needs and yourself.

Adapt to Modern Techniques

Marketing has also changed over the past couple of decades and a web presence is an absolute must for any business wishing to compete in the modern world. The very first thing you need to do is get a website. This is very easy these days and many site builders such as WordPress provide user friendly software and templates for different business types.

Following that, social media presence platforms like Facebook and Twitter can do wonders for getting your business out there and attracting local customers. Regular Facebook posts and updates, for example, can help drive traffic to the site that you established earlier and quick Tweets can be used to let customers know of any promotions.

Listen, Learn and Speak

The whole point of social media and establishing a website is to engage with customers. By providing posting tools and comment sections on posts you can very quickly assess how your business is doing just by gauging customer response. 

Audiences on social media aren’t shy about what they say so it’s a golden opportunity to identify anything that is wrong with your services and engage in friendly conversation with past, current and future clients.

Writing a blog is also a great way to attract more customers and by regularly updating your website’s blog roll with relevant posts you have the opportunity to impart knowledge of your expertise, give advice and inform of any pending changes to your services, upcoming events and tutorials. These all contribute to establishing your authority in your industry leading to increased traffic and potential clients.