Important Details You Need to Share with a Car Insurance Company to Get a Quote



Getting an insurance quote is free and helps you compare rates with other companies before settling on one company. Quote shopping for a car insurance company may seem complex but in reality, it is very simple.

All insurance companies that you approach will require specific information that we will help you put together. Remember accurate information helps you get an accurate quote.

Information required by an insurance company

The first questions you will have to answer are questions about your vehicle because it’s the item you are insuring.

  • How many miles do you drive each day? The car insurance company would be interested in knowing how far you drive each day simply because the more you drive, the greater your chances of getting into an accident. With that, you pose a higher risk to the insurance company so you end up paying higher premiums.
  • Are you the owner of the car you drive? If you lease your car, you would be required to have a collision and a comprehensive insurance in addition to any other insurance you have. You can get information on how this works by talking to a friendly insurance company like the Patriot Insurance.
  • Is your car used for business? A business car requires commercial insurance so you could be redirected to get one.
  • Is your vehicle equipped with safety and anti-theft devices? Installing certain anti-theft add-ons normally reduces your premiums because it lowers your risk level. Be sure to provide every detail about these features in each of your vehicles to help you get a lower rate.
  • How many cars do you want to insure? Each car needs to be personally insured, not wholesomely. The company will need to know how many vehicles you are insuring so they can give you an accurate quote. Insuring multiple vehicles with the same insurance gets you a good discount on your rate. Remember, there is a maximum numbers of vehicles you can insure per policy and this number varies depending on the insurance company and the type of policy.
  • How many licensed drivers do you have in your household? This information is vital to the insurance agencies to know how many drivers can actually cause a risk. It is a rating factor that insurance companies use.
  • Do you wish to exclude any driver? Will the drivers in your family all drive your cars? This is a question you ought to answer carefully because this excludes them from the policy and reduces your premiums as well. If there is any chance this driver will want to use your car, then it is not recommended because they are not part of the policy. Some insurance companies prohibit one from making these exclusions.
  • Is your vehicle certified as a salvage? Most insurance companies do not cover vehicles with salvage titles until full repairs are complete and an inspection carried out.

Note that the more quotes you acquire, the better your chances of finding an affordable rate that meets your needs. The difference between two or four quotes could be worth a few hundred dollars savings. It’s vital to know that different insurance companies will weigh different factors so be keen to see what it is they are including.